New Commercial Building - Weather Station and OAQ System with BMS Control

2020-04-29 14:03:03 DianjiangHK 184
The weather station is a set of weather measuring instruments, which apply in a private individual, club, association, or business. 
Weather stations have become more advanced and can include many different sensors to measure weather conditions. 
These sensors can vary between models but most measure wind speed,wind direction, outdoor and indoor temperatures, outdoor and indoor humidity,
barometric pressure, rainfall, and UV or solar radiation. Other available sensors can measure Noise and Dust index.

Weather stations typically involve a digital console that provides readouts of the data being collected. These consoles may interface to a personal computer where data can be displayed, stored, and uploaded to websites or data ingestion/distribution systems. Open-source weather stations are available for collected data.



In this new commercial building construction, total of 2 set weather stations are provided. 
They locating on both ground floor and Top Roof Floor for monitoring the environmental data. 
Each weather station shall incorporate the temperature sensor, humidity sensor, anemometer, rain sensor, solar irradiance sensor, and via high-level Modbus interface with BMS for monitor and logging the data. 
And then provided 2 sets of dust sensor and Noise sensor via 4 set point 0-20mA interfaces with BMS for monitor and logging the data.