18000 Sets of Customized Products Successfully Delivered to East China Normal University

2020-04-09 11:58:48 DianjiangHK 28

Recently, Dianjiangtech successfully delivered 18,000 sets of customized tree diameter growth measuring rings to East China Normal University. The successful delivery of this batch order signified Dianji's technological R & D level and production capacity to a new level, serving An important embodiment of customized scientific research.


Reliable products show the strength of customized business

East China Normal University plans to order a batch of equipment for long-term monitoring of the growth of the DBH of the tree. Based on the customer's perspective, the company will deeply understand the customer's needs and provide special customized services based on the customer's actual scientific research needs. Finally, the design and production tasks of customized instruments were successfully completed.


Tree DBH growth measurement rings are widely used in forestry and have always been a popular research instrument in the field of forestry. Existing tree DBH measurement methods mainly use traditional tape measures to measure around trees. The measurement process is more complicated and requires a lot of manpower and time. For some trees with relatively large breast diameters, it is difficult to measure. Usually two or more people are required to cooperate with the measurement to complete the measurement, which takes a long time, wastes manpower and financial resources, and is prone to human errors.


The new tree DBH growth measurement ring customized by East China Normal University can meet the needs of long-term automatic monitoring of tree DBH growth changes. The tree DBH growth measuring ring is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel as a whole, and the thickness is 0.3mm, which makes the measuring ring fit closely with the outer skin of the tree. The measuring ring changes the unit after measuring the circumference of the tree and directly reads the current tree The diameter data; plus the highest precision of the measuring ruler is 0.01πcm, which meets the needs of most scientific research.


After feedback from customers, this type of DBH growth measurement ring meets the requirements of the harsh environment of long-term monitoring in the field, easy installation, accurate readings, maintenance-free in a short period of time, and clear calibration and marking requirements.

All the way, all for you


Faced with the diversified research directions in the ecological field, customer needs are diverse. In the current situation of increasingly fierce homogenization competition, small demand for customization and short delivery time, we will face the difficulties with technology. In terms of service, we adhere to the service concept of "Take Dreams,Run With The Future!". Take customer demand as demand, and special customized services are provided for it. Through the construction of an excellent marketing system, we will continue to improve service capabilities and quality, and build a harmonious and win-win customer relationship.

In addition,Starting from 2018, Dianjiangtech has continuously carried out the "instrument maintenance" action, reaching the customers with practical actions, solving problems for them, providing comprehensive services such as technical guidance, instrument maintenance, and maintenance, so that customers can truly feel the reliable service quality And product quality, won wide acclaim and praise from customers and the industry.