Study on Milk Yield of Cows with HOBO Acceleration Data Logger

2020-05-29 16:13:28 DianjiangHK 20

In the production practice of dairy cows, improving the milk production and the quality of fresh milk has always been a matter of widespread concern. In the dairy industry chain, all the normal processing of edible milk and dairy products, and even all milk-based ingredients Other food processing is inseparable from the production and processing of high-quality raw milk. The quantity and quality of raw milk are of great significance to the healthy development of the entire dairy industry and the improvement of the physical fitness of the general public.

The comfort level of a cow is the degree of pleasure that the cow perceives to the outside environment. The comfort level of a cow is related to the production performance and health of the cow. Use the cow's actual lying time to reflect the cow's comfort.

To reflect the entire day's lying situation, there must be a professional tool to actually evaluate the lying time of cows. Modern instruments can accurately record the lying time and times of cows according to angle, once every minute, and can record 15 days continuously. Not only the average lying time of the entire herd, but also the evenness of the lying herd, which represents the social stratum and fierce competition of the herd. If the lying time of most of the cattle in the herd is low, it means that the bed is uncomfortable. If the lying time of the herd is uneven, the difference between high and low is very large, it means that the competition of the herd and the social class are more obvious Often, the density of the herd is too large or the available bed can not meet the needs of dairy cows.


The HOBO acceleration data collector can measure acceleration, vibration, etc. The application field is the sports field or any three-dimensional motion.


Guangming Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. and other major dairy farms purchased hundreds of HOBO acceleration data collectors to record the movement of the cows to evaluate the lying time of the cows.