WS-GP1 Compact Weather Station

Compact all-in-one automatic weather stationHighly portableUnattended weather recording at remote and exposed sitesFree use of DeltaLINK-Cloud data sharing serviceThe WS-GP1 Automatic Weather Station

  • Product Name:WS-GP1 Compact Weather Station
  • Model:WS-GP1
  • Maunufactor:Delta-T
  • Country:UK
  • Compact all-in-one automatic weather station

  • Highly portable

  • Unattended weather recording at remote and exposed sites

  • Free use of DeltaLINK-Cloud data sharing service

The WS-GP1 Automatic Weather Station includes high grade sensors to measure rain, solar radiation, wind speed, wind direction, relative humidity and air temperature. The system comes complete with the GP1 Data Logger and a 2m tripod mast.

DeltaLINK‐Cloud – free online data service

Rapid installation

The WS-GP1 Automatic Weather Station is supplied pre-wired and pre-programmed and can be set up on-site in minutes. The system is delivered in two suitcase-style carry cases that can be used to store or transport the system. The cases are light enough for one person to carry.

Tough and dependable

Despite the low system cost, the sensors are dependable and suitable for use in demanding environments. The galvanised steel tripod and white painted stainless steel cross-arm ensure excellent physical strength. The system requires minimal maintenance.

The internal battery provides 6 month’s operation (typical).

Easy data collection

Recorded weather data can be collected directly with a notebook PC, or remotely by optional GPRS modem. In addition to the standard logging options, the WS-GP1 can log and display wind rose, gusts, averages (including vector average) and maximum and minimum readings, with times of occurrence. The GP1 Data Logger can store >600,000 readings.

The WS-GP1 Automatic Weather Station is an excellent choice for research or agricultural and environmental applications where reliable and accurate weather data is required.


 Range / Note

 Wind speed   D-034B-CA (combined wind sensor)


0.4 to 75 m.s-1

(0-167 mph)


± 0.1m.s-1

Up to 10.1 m.s-1

± 1.1% of reading

Over 10.1 m.s-1

 Starting threshold

0.4 m.s-1

-30° to +70°C    (if icing minimal)

 Wind direction   D-034B-CA (combined wind sensor)


±4 degrees
0.5° (resolution)

Mechanical: 0 to 360°
Electrical:      0 to 356°

 Starting threshold

 0.4 m.s-1

-30° to +70°C     (if icing minimal)

Rainfall RG2+WS-CA


 0.2 mm/tip

160 mm funnel diameter

 Humidity RHT3nl-CA (combined air temp sensor)


 ± 2% RH

5 to 95% RH[1]

 ± 2.5% RH

<5%,>95% RH

 Air temperature RHT3nl-CA (combined RH sensor)


 ± 0.3°C

-20 to 70°C

 Solar radiation  D-PYRPA-CA


 ± 5%

0 to 1.1 kW.m-2
300 to 1100 nm

 Cosine response

 ± 1% at 45°
± 4% at 75°

 At zenith angle

 Data recording and power

 Logging frequency

 1 s to 24 hr

 Logging status indicated by flashing LED


 To PC or laptop

 RS232, USB[2] or modem

 Battery life

 9 V alkaline

 190 days typical, reading every 5 minutes



 IP65 sealing


 -20 to +60°C

 If icing minimal


 White-painted stainless steel

 Fits horizontal. or vertical pole (42-52 mm diameter.)


 14.3 kg

 Complete with 2 m tripod and ground stakes

[1] At 23°
[2] With USB to RS232 Adapter Cable type USB-RS232