WD3 WinDIAS Leaf Image Analysis System

Measures healthy, diseased and pest-damaged leaf areaAdvanced leaf area meterAlso measures perimeter, length, width, object count and moreOptional conveyor for high throughputIdeal for phenotyping app

  • Product Name:WD3 WinDIAS Leaf Image Analysis System
  • Model:WinDIAS
  • Maunufactor:Delta-T
  • Country:UK
  • Measures healthy, diseased and pest-damaged leaf area

  • Advanced leaf area meter

  • Also measures perimeter, length, width, object count and more

  • Optional conveyor for high throughput

  • Ideal for phenotyping applications

The WinDIAS leaf area measurement system can measure percentage diseased leaf area, making it ideal for plant pathology, agronomy, phenotyping, plant physiology and forestry.

Introduction to WinDIAS

Delta-T Devices was one of the first companies to develop leaf imaging technology for disease area estimation. The WinDIAS 3 Leaf Image Analysis System builds on that expertise, making use of high resolution camera and scanner technology to improve image quality, ease of use, and overall performance.

WinDIAS software functionality has been enhanced with WinDIAS 3. It is now possible to import images from other devices (scanners, digital cameras, even webcams – although image quality will affect accuracy). It is now also possible to analyse multiple images of the same leaf/disease to create a virtual conveyor system – analysing 100 leaf images in minutes. Disease picking has also been enhanced with three user-defined thresholds available.

WinDIAS system options

Whether the need is for simple leaf area measurements or for a powerful, automated analysis system, researchers can specify a WinDIAS leaf area meter system that suits their particular requirements.

  • Rapid System

A powerful and complete leaf area system that can handle very long leaves and measure up to 800 leaves per hour. Includes video camera, camera stand, overhead lighting, WinDIAS Software and Conveyor Belt Unit.

  • Standard System

Similar to Rapid System but without Conveyor Belt option. Includes high resolution video camera. Typically processes 150 images per hour.

  • Entry Level System

Comprises WinDIAS Software and A4 flatbed scanner. Typically processes 50 images per hour (at high resolution).

WinDIAS features

  • Point and click colour selection

  • Long leaf mode – measures leaves >1m length

The user can set three colour thresholds. The primary threshold defines the main zone of interest (typically the healthy leaf tissue); the secondary and tertiary thresholds are used for other zones such as diseased or variegated areas. Thresholds are set by simply pointing and clicking in different areas of the leaf with the mouse. The areas identified are made visible as overlays on the image.


Users of older versions of WinDIAS can upgrade to the full WinDIAS 3 specification. In most cases the light box, overhead lighting and camera stand will be compatible. Please provide full details of your existing accessories when requesting a quotation.

Conveyor Belt Unitconveyor-copy

  • Convenient measurement of large numbers of leaves

  • Long leaf mode – measures leaves >1m length

The Conveyor Belt Unit works with the WinDIAS system to offer a rapid and convenient method of handling large batches of leaves. The leaves are gripped and flattened by twin transparent belts which carry them past the camera. As each leaf passes the camera, a measurement is made automatically and recorded by the software. WinDIAS can also be used as a simple high speed leaf area meter.

Entry Level System

Standard System

Rapid System

Throughput (leaves/hour)

~50 (typical, depends on leaf size)




1200 dpi max

2048 x 1536 pixels

1280 x 1024 pixels

Minimum object size

~ 0.02 mm

1 pixel

1 pixel

Maximum sample area

297 x 210 mm (A4)

300 x 295 mm

250 x 290 mm (conveyor)
250 x >1000 mm (long leaf mode)

area measurement [1]

 ± 1% typical

± 4% typical

± 4% typical

diseased/healthy area

contrast dependent

contrast dependent

contrast dependent

long leaf mode

not applicable

not applicable

± 5% typical

Colour depth

WinDIAS works in 24bit colour space (16 million colours)

Image file formats

.jpg, .bmp and .tif

Operating system and drivers

Windows: XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

static measurements

against an object of known length, e.g. a ruler

against a ruler

conveyor measurements

not applicable

against a target of known area

Conveyor belt speeds

not applicable

not applicable

60/100/140/190 mm/s (20% faster for 60Hz model)

[1] For very small areas, approx less than 200 pixels across, accuracy will become dominated by the pixel resolution error on the perimeter. This may be calculated as approximately one half the area of all pixels on the perimeter divided by the total number of pixels in the object.

Specifications apply to a WinDIAS system using standard components supplied by Delta‑T Devices. Use of other cameras, lighting systems or camera stands may reduce accuracy due to reflections, poor contrast or image distortion.