DL6 Soil Moisture Data Logger

Ideal for Profile Probes, ThetaProbes and SM150T sensors8 channel logger with weather-proof case and battery power Free use of DeltaLINK-Cloud data sharing serviceThe DL6 is a dedicated data logg

  • Product Name:DL6 Soil Moisture Data Logger
  • Model:DL6
  • Maunufactor:Delta-T
  • Country:UK
  • Ideal for Profile Probes, ThetaProbes and SM150T sensors

  • 8 channel logger with weather-proof case and battery power 

  • Free use of DeltaLINK-Cloud data sharing service

The DL6 is a dedicated data logger optimised for use with Delta-T soil moisture sensors. It can be used with combinations of ThetaProbes, SM150T Soil Moisture Sensors and Profile Probes, and also accepts rain gauge and soil temperature probe inputs. Up to 16000 readings can be stored in memory.

The DL6 can record data from:

  • 6 soil water content sensors (or other analog voltages)

  • 1 temperature sensor

  • 1 pulse counter (e.g. rainfall)

DL6 – perfect partner for Profile Probes

The DL6 provides a cost-effective solution for logging Profile Probes. It handles a PR2/6 (100cm depth) or a PR2/4 (40 cm depth). The IP68 cable makes connection easy, and the DL6 PC software simplifies sensor configuration and data collection.

Designed for field use

The DL6 is well suited to both research applications and irrigation monitoring. To minimise the need for opening the case, data is collected via an external RS232 socket, and the status of the logger can be checked using a vibration-activated LED. DL6 Loggers include a novel accelerated logging feature to allow the tracking of wetting fronts.

Storage, communications and power

The DL6 can be connected to a Delta-T Devices GPRS modem system for remote communication functionality (this system does not supply power to the logger).

The DL6 has a storage capacity of 16K readings (typical). Data can be collected by a laptop locally via RS232 or remotely using the GPRS modem options.

The DL6 has 6 alkaline AA internal batteries as standard. Up to 10 DL6s can share communications using an M8 cabling network.

Input connections

6 voltage channels

1 temperature

1 counter

Control outputs

1 relay (1 A)

Readings stored


Recording rate

1 second to 24 hours



Communication options

RS232, USB [1] or modem

Sensor excitation

1 switched logger power


6 AA alkaline batteries

Battery life (dependent on usage)

>230k readings, lasting >400 days

Enclosure rating


Temperature range

-10 to +50°C



180 x 160 x 70mm

Typical application

Monitoring soil moisture profiles
Controlling irrigation


Sensor compatibility (maximum number of sensors that could be connected


(1) with temp (5) excl. temp


(1) with temp (5) excl. temp



PR2 SDI-12

WET Sensor


(1) with temp (5) excl. temp




Counters or Events


Relay Output


[1] With USB to RS232 Adapter Cable type USB-RS232