GP2 Advanced Data Logger and Controller

OverviewPowerful and rugged field data logger12 differential (or 24 single ended) channelsIdeal for demanding research applicationsFree use of DeltaLINK-Cloud data sharing serviceThe GP2 is a powerful

  • Product Name:GP2 Advanced Data Logger and Controller
  • Model:GP2
  • Maunufactor:Delta-T
  • Country:UK


  • Powerful and rugged field data logger

  • 12 differential (or 24 single ended) channels

  • Ideal for demanding research applications

  • Free use of DeltaLINK-Cloud data sharing service

The GP2 is a powerful 12 channel data logger that is easy to use, versatile, rugged and reliable. It can log most sensor types and accepts voltage, resistance, current, potentiometer, bridge, counter, frequency, and digital state inputs. DeltaLINK software helps the user set up logging sequences and provides control over reading frequency, sensor type, thresholds, units and much more. All Delta-T sensors can be selected from a menu.

Advanced features of the new GP2 Data Logger and Controller

  • Powerful, yet highly accessible Script Editor

  • Virtual Channels

  • Unique Simulator function

  • Smart irrigation and fertigation

  • PID control

  • Model implementation, simulation and evaluation

  • Evapotranspiration calculation and analysis

Customised control (simple or advanced)

Control conditions for experiments and applications can range from simple thresholding to sophisticated calculations using the Script Editor. Control parameters (e.g. target soil moisture level) can be adjusted without interrupting data logging.

Script Editor

The GP2 is a flexible and powerful research and control instrument – enabling model implementation, simulation and evaluation. The new Script Editor is easy to use, yet allows the creation of complex functions such as disease prediction, degree days, dew point, wind chill factor, PID control, and evapotranspiration calculation and analysis.

  • Script Editor creates sequences of operations to implement models  

  • Advanced control and recording capabilities

  • Easy user interface: no typing out of commands; no programming language

  • Implement simple or complex conditions, algebraic expressions and record result values

  • Create and manipulate variables e.g. for disease risk factor

This powerful software feature creates step by step operations to control simple or complex processes or recording requirements. The editor interface is easy to use – no programming language is involved. It can also implement models, useful in areas such as disease prediction or multi-zone irrigation. This degree of sophistication, including the ability to apply PID control, means the potential applications are numerous and varied.

Virtual channels

Calculations based on the measurements from several input channels can be recorded and displayed as additional “virtual channels”.


Test and optimise logging programs using the built-in Simulator.

Simulate how the program responds to changes in weather data, irrigation systems and soil moisture movement etc.

This unique software feature allows logging programs to be tested before real-world activation. For applications involving weather data, irrigation or soil moisture recording, the environmental variables can be changed to test how the program responds. Years of logging time can be simulated in just a few minutes.

Input connections 

12 differential (or 24 single-ended) analog inputs configurable as: Voltage, Resistance (12 3-wire or 24 2-wire), Bridge (12), Potentiometer (12)

4 digital inputs as: Counters, (2 fast + 2 slow), Frequency, Digital state

1 Delta-T WET sensor channel Unlimited virtual channels

Serial input channel: 62 SDI-12 sensors or a single WET Sensor

Control outputs     2 relay outputs expandable to 6 (1A)

Readings stored    2.5 Million

Recording rate             1 second to 24 hours

Configuration         DeltaLINK

Communication options                   USB, RS232, ethernet or modem

Sensor excitation        Calibrated 3V reference, +5 V and+12 V regulated, or 5 to 10.5 V (battery or external power), user selectable

Power         6 AA alkaline batteries or external power 10-15V DC

Battery life (dependent on usage)               >310K readings, lasting 530 days

Enclosure rating           IP65

Temperature range      -20 to +60°C

Display            –

Size            225 x 185 x 75 mm

Typical applications                   Demanding research projects

Environmental monitoring

Varied control applications

Sensor compatibility (maximum number of sensors that could be connected [1]

ML3          (6) with temp / (12) without temp

SM150T       (6) with temp / (12) without temp

PR2          (2 PR2/6 with expansion lid) (3 PR2/4 with expansion lid)

PR2 SDI-12              (50)

WET Sensor             (1)

EQ3             6 with temp / 12 without temp

Temperature         (12)

Tensiometers         (12)

Counters or Events             (4) 2 fast 2 slow

Relay Output            (2) expandable to (6)