PiCUS TMS – Tree Motion Sensor

The wind reaction measurement of the TreeMotion Sensor records the swinging movement of trees under real conditions and allows conclusions to be drawn about the anchoring of the roots in the ground. I

  • Product Name:PiCUS TMS – Tree Motion Sensor
  • Model:PiCUS TMS
  • Maunufactor:Argus (IML)
  • Country:Germany

The wind reaction measurement of the TreeMotion Sensor records the swinging movement of trees under real conditions and allows conclusions to be drawn about the anchoring of the roots in the ground. In addition to the properties of the tree, all factors influencing the environment on the wind are taken into account. This allows the stability to be assessed in the actual wind exposure.

A base sensor directly measures the root plate inclination at the base of the trunk. A control sensor measures the inclination at a height of 2 to 3 meters so that the real wind reaction of the tree can be distinguished from sources of interference. The PiCUS TreeMotion Sensor can independently record the measurement for hours, days or weeks. The data evaluation takes place comfortably in the office.

Prerequisites for a successful measurement are gusts of more than 45 km/h and a measurement time of at least 2 hours.

Analyze entire groups of trees at once

Compare the slope values of several neighboring trees, to efficiently identify individual endangered trees.

Fast and with little effort

A good application of the TreeMotion Sensor is the comparative analysis of groups of trees. Several trees are equipped with sensors at the same time before an expected storm. For example, all trees in an avenue can be tested very quickly with little effort.

PiCUS TreeMotion range of functions:

  • Sensors: 10 sensors included (also available as a mini kit with 2 sensors to get started)

  • Accuracy: Inclination measurement accurate to 0.03°

  • Inconspicuous: Less risk of vandalism due to small sensors (61 mm x 41 mm x 20 mm)

  • Running time: 2 weeks + integrated charging station that can be used to charge 10 sensors wirelessly

Scope of delivery (starter package):

  • Transport case

  • 10x sensors

  • charger

  • Software

Scope of delivery (mini kit):

  • Mini transport case

  • 2x sensors

  • Charging power supply

  • Mini software

73 g
270 g
61 mm x 41 mm x 20 mm
100 mm x 80 mm x 75 mm
Housing protection
Completely water and dust protected
Rain and dust proof
Min. Lifetime
5 years
5 years

Accuracy of inclination measurement
0.03 °
0.03 °
Measurement interval
0.05 s (20 Hz)
0.05 s (20 Hz)
Type of inclination measurement
3D measurement
2D measurement
Orientation of the sensor
Horizontal alignment
Accuracy temperature measurement
1 ° C
1 ° C
Permissible temperature range
– 20 – +50 ° C
– 20 – +50 ° C
Energy supply

Battery capacity and runtime (brand new)
250 mAh; & gt; 14 days
2900 mAh; & gt; 20 days
Battery charge
Micro USB cable
Loading time
Approx. 2 h
Approx. 6 h
Recommended charging temperature
5 – 35 ° C
5 – 35 ° C
Measurement data memory

Storage type
Internal flash memory
MicroSD card
Memory size
256 MB
up to 32 GB
Storage runtime
20 days & gt
130 days (1 GB card)

Standby and measurement mode
Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0
Micro USB cable
Data download
Bluetooth Classic 2.1
SD card reader

TMS activation
Magnetic pen
Electr. Switch
Outdoor control
BLE-enabled mobile phone (Android, iOS) + TMS 3 app
Electr. Switch
Data download and analysis
PC with Bluetooth Classic + TMS 3 Control software (direct operation of the sensor)
SD card reader + TMS PC software
PiCUS TMS suitcase

Power supply
230 V AC, 50 Hz (power supply)
230 V AC, 50 Hz (charger)
Number of TMS charging stations
10 (wireless charging cradles)
10 (MicroUSB charger)
Number of TMS warehouses
Weight, full (screws, cables, 10 TMS)
5.5 kg
11 kg
48 cm x 35 cm x 15 cm
60 cm x 45 cm x 17 cm

Most important software features

  • Presentation of the raw measurement data (inclination value and direction)

  • Function for the identification and analysis of inclination events

  • Direct comparison of the inclination measurement values of different PiCUS TMS (typ. basic and control sensor on the same tree)

  • Automatic data evaluation and generation of the wind slope curve

  • PiCUS TMS 3 specific

App for controlling the PiCUS TMS 3:

  • Status display

  • Entry of tree data to start a measurement

  • Live measurement mode

  • Extension of the PC program:

  • Automatic reading of the measurement data from the PiCUS TMS 3

  • Automatic structuring of all inclination and wind measurement data according to projects (database)

  • Direct comparison of the inclination measurements of all PiCUS TMS 3 (which were attached to the same tree)

  • Direct comparison of the wind inclination curves of different trees

  • Automatic reading and processing of wind measurement data (recorded by the optionally available TMS wind measurement system)