PUF high volume air sampler

The PUF high volume air sampler collects airborne particulate and vapor contaminants. These samplers are typically used to collect volatile organic compounds and airborne pesticides.

  • Product Name:Air Sampler
  • Maunufactor:Tisch
  • Country:USA

What is a PUF high volume air sampler?

The PUF high volume air sampler collects airborne particulate and vapor contaminants.  These samplers are typically used to collect volatile organic compounds and airborne pesticides.  The system incorporates a dual sampling module to collect  airborne particulates onto the filter paper media and the vapor elements onto a piece of polyurethane foam in the lower chamber of the sampling module.  These systems are designed to meet the requirements  described for sampling using US EPA method TO-4A, TO-9A, and TO-13A.

How does a PUF sampler work?

The Polyurethane Foam Sampler is classified as a high volume air sampler for the collection of airborne volatile organic compounds and particulate matter.  This sampler operates between 125-250 lpm and uses either a manual motor speed controller or the Tisch Environmental PLUS controller to control the flow rate.  The flow is pulled through a critical orifice with either a bruhless or brush style vacuum blower motor assembly which is used to control and calculate the ambient flow rate.  Housed in a robust aluminum shelter, the PUF sampler is built to withstand harsh conditions and provide accurate and reliable results.

Instrument Components

PUFsamplers are built with the same basic components.  A motor, timer, flow controller, elapsed time indicator, outdoor aluminum shelter, and pressure gauge.    Tisch Environmental uses only high quality components to ensure reliability and consistency.  We offer a variety of options to give the user flexibility and to fit every unique sampling installation.

  • Flow Controller

Manual Flow Controlled:Manual adjusted motor speed controller.

PLUS Technology (PUF+): The PLUS technology flow controller uses ambient temperature, ambient pressure, and the orifice differential pressure to maintain the set flow rate. This is the most accurate flow controller available. It also features and auto calibration function and digital timer.

  • Outdoor Shelter

Aluminum Outdoor Shelter: PUF air samplers are housed in an anodized aluminum shelter with a gabled roof assembly.  The shelter is designed to allow  particulate matter to by drawn on to the filter from all four sides.  The rugged construction of the outdoor enclosure allows it to withstand the elements with minimal maintenance.

  • Motor Type

Brush Style Motor: Brush Style motors use carbon motor brushes to conduct current within the electric motor. They are low cost but require routine motor brush changes.

Brushless Style Motor: motors do not use motor brushes or require maintenance.  They are higher in cost and do not have any emissions.

  • Pressure

Venturi: This device is a critical orifice used to control the amount of flow through the sample media.  It has a set of barbed hose fittings to record the differential pressure as it passes through the orifice.  The tubing on the hose barb is either connected to the magnehelic gauge to report the pressure drop or to the flow controller on systems that are equipped with  PLUS technology.

Magnehelic:The magnehelic gauge records the pressure drop through the critical orifice.  This value is  used to calculate the ambient or standard flow rate .

  • Timer Style

7-Day Mechanical Timer: Recognized by its bright yellow timer dial, the 7 day mechanical timer uses a series of on/off trippers to set the sampling schedule.

Digital Timer: Recommended by the US EPA, the digital timer allows for 1 in 3, 1 in 6, 1 in 7, and custom sampling schedules. Its internal battery backup ensures that the timer will not have to be reset after a power failure. It also includes an LCD screen and soft press buttons for easy use.