Multi-Cultivator MC 1000-OD

Multi-Cultivator MC 1000-OD serves for small scale cultivation of algae, bacteria or cyanobacteria. It consists of 8 test-tubes, each holding up to ca. 85 ml of cultivated suspension.

  • Product Name:Multi-Cultivator MC 1000-OD
  • Model:MC 1000-OD
  • Maunufactor:PSI
  • Country:CZ

Multi-Cultivator MC 1000-OD serves for small scale cultivation of algae, bacteria or cyanobacteria. It consists of 8 test-tubes, each holding up to ca. 85 ml of cultivated suspension. The test-tubes are immersed in a thermostated waterbath with its temperature being controlled in the range of ambient to 60 °C (optionally lower). Each tube is independently illuminated by an array of cool white LEDs (optionally warm white, red, or blue LEDs) that generate incident irradiance up to 1,000 µmol(photon)/m2.s (optionally up to 2,500 µmol(photon)/m2.s), which is independently adjustable for each test-tube in intensity, timing and modulation.

Growth rate of the cultivated organisms may be estimated by automatic measuring of optical density - measured at 680 nm and 720 nm independently at each cultivation tube. In the standard version, optical density is periodically measured and the data are stored in the Multi-Cultivator internal memory. Stored data may later be downloaded to a PC and displayed in graphs or exported to TXT or Excel files via the program provided. Supported are also user-defined illumination protocols, such as, flashing light or diurnal regime (optional).

Each cultivation tube can be bubbled with air or selected gas (optional) of different flow rate through a manually adjustable valve manifold. Optionally, Multi-Cultivator may be equipped with an additional module for connection to the Gas Mixing System GMS 150 or to an external air pump.

Optionally, the whole Multi-Cultivator system and all its cultivation and monitoring functions (light, temperature, optical density, bubbled gas composition) can be controlled online via the MC control software that provides intuitive and dynamic interface for online monitoring and visualization of all measured data as well as creation of user-defined protocols.

The instrument function can by enhanced by a number of various optional accessories: for instance, Cooling Unit AC-700 serving for the thermostated waterbath cooling; PWM Pump providing for automatic waterbath refilling, Turbidostat Module for continuous cultivation, etc.

Multi-Cultivator MC 1000-OD-MULTI is a NEW multi-color instrument version - each cultivation slot is furnished with LED-based illumination of different color. Spectrum from 405 nm to 730 nm can be covered. Single cultivation slots are equipped with the dividers so as to eliminate different color penetration.

Multi-Cultivator MC 1000-OD-MIX is a NEW mixed-color instrument version which allows to combine up to 4 different LED colors within each cultivation slot for definition of specific spectra.



  • Highly precise multi-well cultivation instrument for synchronous growth of algae, bacteria or cyanobacteria

  • Flat, rectangular water reservoir nesting eight independently illuminated slots for cultivation in test-tubes

  • Synchronous cultivation can be performed in up to eight test-tubes (each 3 cm in diameter, 20 cm long, recommended working volume 85 ml)

  • LED technology illumination adjustable in intensity (up to 1,000 µmol(photon)/m2.s, optionally up to 2,500 µmol(photon)/m2.s), timing and modulation

  • Standard color for single-color device version: cool white

  • Optional colors for single-color device version: warm white, red 635 nm, blue 470 nm

  • Multi-color device version: each slot is equipped with illumination of different color (covered is spectrum from 405 nm to 730 nm)

  • Separately controllable light modulation per each tube: according to a predefined function (continuous, pulse, sine, triangle) or user programmed function (optional)

  • Temperature control in the range: ambient to 60°C

  • Lower temperatures may be reached when the Cooling Unit is added (optional)

  • Manually controlled aeration power - sparging gas can be humidified and distributed into each test-tube

  • Automatic optical density reading

  • Automatic water filling to the waterbath (optional)

  • Turbidostat Module for continuous cultivation (optional)

Optical Density Measuring:

Real time measurement of optical density by two LEDs (720 nm, 680 nm) per each culture vessel; time intervals of OD measurements may be defined by users

Light Path (Optical Path for OD Measurement):

27 mm

Number of Test Tube Slots:


Test Tube Volume:

100 ml (maximum recommended working volume of each test tube is 85 ml)

Precision Controlled Temperature:

In standard setup: 5 to 10°C above ambient temperature (depending on light intensity) up to 60 °C

Optionally: 15 °C - 60 °C (with Cooling Unit AC-625)

Heating System:

One 150W cartridge heater

LED Lighting:

Light intensity adjustable from 0 to 100 %

Maximum light intensity up to 1,000 µmol(photon)/m2 .s, optionally up to 2,500 µmol(photon)/m2.s

Light Regime:

Static or dynamic (sinus, daylight, pulse form)


System control and actual readings

Controlled Flow of Bubbled Air:

Manual via manifold valves

Controlled Composition of Bubbled Air:

Optional with purchase of Gas Mixing System GMS 150

Volume of Water Reservoir:

5 liters

Detector Wavelength Range:

PIN photodiode with 665 nm-750 nm bandpass filters


Upgradeable firmware

Communication Port:



Glass, stainless steel, silicon gasket, polycarbonate


71 x 33 x 21 cm


13 kg


110-240 V

Power Consumption:

Maximum 300 W