Handy GFPCam FC 1000-H/GFP

Handy GFPCam FC 1000-H/GFP is a modified version of the popular Handy FluorCam.

  • Product Name:Handy GFPCam FC 1000-H/GFP
  • Model: FC 1000-H/GFP
  • Maunufactor:PSI
  • Country:CZ

Handy GFPCam FC 1000-H/GFP is a modified version of the popular Handy FluorCam. Its unique construction allows both time resolved chlorophyll fluorescence imaging and GFP imaging. Handy GFPCam is a lightweight, portable system designed for imaging of leaves, small plants, leaf segments, mosses, lichens, seeds, roots, tissues on plates or algal colonies both in a field and laboratory. The typical size of an investigated object is up to 3.5 × 4.6 cm. The Handy GFPCam is an easily portable system, it can be powered from the power supply or it can run on batteries provided in a convenient bag carried on the shoulder.

Handy GFPCam FC 1000-H/GFP is typically produced with red-orange flashing LED panels (620 nm) and blue actinic/saturating pulse LED panels (455 nm). Optionally, the system can be equipped with four additional far-red LEDs. Handling of larger leaves (e.g., tobacco) is simplified if an additional leaf clip with gentle lock/release mechanism is mounted.

Handy GFPCam generates images of fluorescence signal at any moment of the experiment and presents them using a false color scale. Full kinetic analysis is available. In all applications, the camera allows imaging of fluorescence transients that are induced by actinic light or by saturating flashes. The timing and amplitude of actinic irradiance are determined by user-defined protocols. The Handy GFPCam is delivered with a laptop computer preinstalled with a comprehensive software package comprising full system control, Wizard with the most frequently used experimental protocols, data acquisition and image processing. For an experienced professional, the software offers a sophisticated programming language that can be used for designing novel timing and measuring sequences.


  • Combined imaging of GFP and chlorophyll fluorescence

  • Both lab and field applications

  • Portable and compact (21.5 cm x 13.5 cm x 13.5 cm)

  • AC & battery powered

  • Coming with a high-end computer and user-friendly software

  • High-resolution CCD camera (included)

  • Imaged area: 35 x 46 mm

  • GFP-Cam Image


Fluorescence Parameters:

- Measured parameters: FO, FM, FV, FO', FM', FV', FT

- More than 50 calculated parameters: FV/FM, FV'/FM', PhiPSII , NPQ, qN, qP, Rfd, PAR-absorptivity coefficient, and many others

Excitation Light Sources:

- Measuring pulses: orange (620 nm), blue (455 nm)

- Actinic / saturating light: white - blue (455 nm)

Saturating Pulse Intensity:

Blue: up to 4,900 µmol(photons)/m².s

Actinic Light Intensity:

Blue: approx. 1,400 µmol(photons)/m².s

Light Regime:

Static or sinus form (hub connected)

Custom-Defined Protocols:

Variable timing, special language and scripts

CCD Detector Wavelength Range:

400 – 1000 nm

CCD Format:

1360 x 1024 pixels (TOMI-2 camera)

Pixel Size:

6.45 µm x 6.45 µm (TOMI-2)

A/D Bit Resolution:

16 bit (65,536 grey levels)

Spectral Response:

QE max at 540 nm (~70 %), 50 % roll-off at 400 nm and 650 nm

Read-out Noise:

Less than 12 electrons RMS - typically only 10 electrons

Full-Well Capacity:

Greater than 70,000 electrons (unbinned)

Imaging Frequency:

Maximum 50 frames per second


Upgradeable firmware

Interface Connector:

Gigabit Ethernet

GFPCam Weight:

1.8 kg

Leaf-Clip Weight:

0.2 kg

Power Supply Weight:

2.5 kg

GFPCam Stand Weight:

1.5 kg

Notebook Weight (incl. all accessories):

3.5 kg

Power Input:

Max. 200 W


90 – 260 V