TS-100-SS Aspirated Radiation Shield (shield only)

The TS-100 is the shield only model of Apogee's Fan-aspirated Radiation Shield.

  • Product Name:Aspirated Radiation Shield (shield only)
  • Model:TS-100-SS
  • Maunufactor:Apogee
  • Country:USA

The TS-100 is the shield only model of Apogee's Fan-aspirated Radiation Shield. The unique aerodynamic shape and rugged, low-power fan make it the first research-grade fan-aspirated shield that is practical for use on battery or solar powered stations. The shield provides excellent sensor protection and accommodates various combinations of thermistors, PRTs, and humidity probes using one of the sensor port adapter plugs. Click here for a list of compatible sensors. If you use a different sensor, please contact us directly to discuss compatibility. Typical applications include air temperature and humidity measurement in weather networks, often for weather forecasting, and solar energy sites. Fan-aspirated shields are also important in the precise measurement of air temperature and humidity gradients above the land surface and in climate change monitoring.

Difference among Individual Replicate Shields    Less than 0.1 C

Aspiration Rate    6 m/s at full speed, 3 m/s at half speed

Fan Input Voltage Requirement    10.8 to 13.2 V DC

Fan Current Drain    80 mA at full-speed, 25 mA at half-speed

Fan Dust and Water Protection    IP55

Operating Temperature Range    -40 to 70 C

Dimensions    220 mm height, 270 mm diameter

Mass    840 g

Cables    5 m of shielded, twisted-pair wire for fan and air temperature sensors with santoprene rubber, jacket (high water resistance, high UV stability, flexibility in cold conditions)

Temperature Sensor    Not included (included in model TS-110)

Warranty    4 years against defects in materials and workmanship