SASS and SuperSASS Speciation Sampler

The SASS and SuperSASS Speciation Samplers from Met One Instruments Powered by Acoem are designed to comply with and exceed EPA Speciation requirements. Two models provide a choice for compliance moni

  • Product Name:Speciation Sampler
  • Model:SASS and SuperSASS
  • Maunufactor:Met One
  • Country:USA

The SASS and SuperSASS Speciation Samplers from Met One Instruments Powered by Acoem are designed to comply with and exceed EPA Speciation requirements. Two models provide a choice for compliance monitoring: SASS, a 5 channel sampling system; and SuperSASS, an 8 channel, multiple event sampling system. The SASS conforms to original EPA requirements and SuperSASS adds benefits suggested by state and local authorities. Both models use concepts pioneered by Met One Instruments, such as the contamination free Canister, solar radiation shield, and modular design. SASS and SuperSASS not only comply to EPA specifications, they exceed the specifications; as proven in EPA and California Air Resources Board (CARB) field studies.



Portable integrated ambient particulate sampling system

Inlet for PM2.5 at 6.7 liter/minute sample rate

Solar shield maintains cassettes to less than <5°C over ambient temperature

Canister provides data integrity – contamination proof

New multi-cell denuder and multiple filter medias



This unit offers all the features of the SASS plus it has sequential programing to allow multiple day operation. SUPER SASS will sample up to eight days depending on the number of sample channels used per day. SUPER SASS comes standard with four independent volumetric flow controllers, one for each sampler group.

    Up to 8 Channel Operation

    One to Eight day Sampling, Sequential

    Automatic Volumetric Flow Controllers

    Each Channel may be operated independently

    Advanced Field Audit Screens



The SASS and SUPER SASS are based on designs that have been field tested for eight years with 3 years of testing in the EPA program. This testing has proven the concept and helped to refine the design.



Designed for programs on the move, both units offer superior flexibility and portability. SASS and SUPER SASS are composed of a portable pump box, tripod, sample head and controller, they are easy to carry and easy to install. Installation takes less than one hour.



The SASS allows all critical maintenance to be performed in the lab. Other instruments suffer contamination of inlet, manifold and PM2.5 separator because they must be serviced in the field. With the integrated canister every element of the sampler that is contacted by the sampled air stream is cleaned with each sample change.



Sample Canisters are loaded in the lab with blank filter cassettes. Sealed canisters are shipped to speciation field sites for deployment. After exposure, the canisters are sealed for shipment to the lab. This approach circumvents contamination due to field handing of the sample.



SASS incorporates a convective solar radiation shield to maintain the samples within 5°C of ambient temperature.


A Sharp Cut Cyclone (SCC) with a flow of 6.7 liters/min is integrated in every sampling canister to remove particles larger than 2.5 μm aerodynamic diameter. Test report available upon request.



The sample canister contains the SCC and all necessary components for excluding particles above 2.5 μm aerodynamic diameter, for removing interfering gases, and for collecting particles including semi-volatile. The sampling canisters are designed to accommodate denuders and one or two filters for sampling of semi-volatile species, and for collection of gases such as nitric acid, ammonia, and formic acid. For example, a Teflon Nylon filter pair can be operated behind a nitric acid denuder to include inorganic ions and nitrate in the same cassette. Canisters can be used as follows: (1) Teflon filter for mass and trace metals, (2) Teflon or Quartz for inorganic ions by ion chromatography, (3) Denuded Nylon or impregnated filter for nitrate, (4) Tandem Quartz for organic and elemental carbon, with backup filter for artifact collection, (5) Denuded carbon-impregnated filter for semi-volatile organic compounds.



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