DJ-3500 Portable Plant Water Potential Pressure Chamber

Overview:DJ-3500 Portable Plant Water Potential Pressure Chamber is used to determine plant water potential and use it to study plant moisture, plant and environmental relationship. It is suitable for

  • Product Name:Portable Plant Water Potential Pressure Chamber
  • Model:DJ-3500
  • Maunufactor:Dianjiang Group
  • Country:China


DJ-3500 Portable Plant Water Potential Pressure Chamber is used to determine plant water potential and use it to study plant moisture, plant and environmental relationship. It is suitable for plant physiology, ecology, agronomy, forestry and forage research. It is used to measure the water potential of leaves or shoots in different regions, different crops, and different periods, It can also be used for water potential measurements of plants with high water potentials, such as desert and arid area crops, for daily moisture relationship measurements and irrigation tables. Through the acquisition of this parameter, the data of crop water potential research can be provided for agricultural monitoring. According to this, guiding the rational water use and drought-resistant breeding of crops and forests and grasses is one of the important instruments for teaching and scientific research. It is easy and fast to operate, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor field work.

Determination principle:

There are many methods to determine the water potential of plants, among which the most direct determination method is the pressure chamber method, which has the advantage of being simple to make, easy to operate, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The basic principle of determining plant water potential with a pressure chamber is: Under equilibrium conditions (in the absence of water flow in plants), the water potential in the mesophyll cells and the xylem are equal, But when a leaf or branch is cut from a plant, the pressure potential of the xylem sap will increase from a negative value to a value of 0. Water enters mesophyll cells under the action of radial osmosis of xylem cells, causing the fluid surface of xylem sap to recede from the cut end of petioles or shoots, forming a meniscus.

When sufficient pressure is applied to the leaf or shoot from the outside, water will be pressed out of the mesophyll cells, allowing the meniscus to return to the cut end face. Under such equilibrium conditions, the pressure in the pressure chamber read from the pressure gauge and the pressure in the xylem before cutting should be numerically equal, and the equilibrium pressure measured from the pressure chamber is the water potential of the complete leaf or branch, but the sign is reversed, that is, negative.

The unit of value on the pressure gauge is generally switched to "Bar".


Digital display, intuitive and convenient

Low cost and cost-effective

Easy and fast operation, suitable for indoor and outdoor field work

It can meet most plant water potential measurement needs

The combination of various specifications of rubber and metal gaskets ensures good sealing of the equipment

Measuring range:0-60.00 Bar

Pressure gauge: Dial diameter 100mm, 2.5 inch large screen LED display, digital display reading, with peak hold function

Read accuracy:0.01Bar

Sample pressure chamber material: SUS304 high quality stainless steel

Sample pressure chamber size: diameter 62mm * depth 135mm

Instrument safety protection box: 408mm*320mm*218mm, PP alloy, IP67 protection level

Accessory box: 600mm*350mm*195mm, aluminum alloy material, lined with EVA pad

Gas cylinder: external, 5L

Nitrogen booster assembly: full copper valve body, double meter, maximum input pressure 15MPa, with safety pressure relief valve, with high pressure hose (working air pressure 100Bar), G5/8 national standard connector at one end, convenient plug at the other end

High pressure passing pipe assembly: G5/8 national standard interface at both ends, with meter, with bleed valve, with high pressure hose (working air pressure 100Bar)

Rubber pad aperture size: non-porous, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, etc

Magnifier: 5x + 11x double mirror, handheld or foldable table, with light (8 LEDs)

Protective eyepieces: Honeywell/Honeywell protective eyepieces, clear, impact resistant (polycarbonate lenses), anti-fog, EVA brow bone protection


Pressure chamber system weight: 8.5KG

Accessory box (containing nitrogen cylinder, nitrogen cylinder pressure reducer, high-pressure passing pipe assembly, filling block, rubber pad and other accessories) weight: 17.5KG