SS-ES30 Large Field Automatic Weighing Soil Distillation System

IntroductionThe lysimeter is an important system to study the water balance and its related parameters in the ecosystem. related issues. Mainly through the soil weighing system, monitoring system and

  • Product Name:SS-ES30 Large Field Automatic Weighing Soil Distillation System
  • Model:SS-ES30
  • Country:USA


The lysimeter is an important system to study the water balance and its related parameters in the ecosystem. related issues. Mainly through the soil weighing system, monitoring system and data acquisition system to study the related factors such as water transport and water balance in the columnar soil.

The osmotic system mainly includes:

1. Soil bucket: the size can be customized according to user needs;

2. Tipper leaker: measure the amount of seepage water;

3. Weighing unit: weighing the soil quality, according to the quality change and the amount of seepage water, the amount of evaporative water can be obtained;

4. Soil moisture measurement unit: including water, water potential, temperature and other measurement indicators;

5. Data acquisition and storage unit, data remote transmission module;

6. Power supply unit;

7. Distillation basement: can be designed and constructed according to user needs.

This system is an important tool to study soil evaporation and water balance in the field. It can be used to measure evapotranspiration, study the law of crop water consumption, and measure the downward leakage of soil water. Integrated structure design, easy installation, digital weighing measurement structure, can be equipped with GPRS data collector to realize remote data transmission, and can also be used as a sensor to connect to the existing observation system for observation, reducing scientific research costs.

Working Principle:

The system first designs and customizes the soil column bucket according to customer needs, and then designs and builds a matching basement according to the size of the soil column bucket. The soil column bucket is placed on the load cell in the basement, and the opening is exposed to the ground. Corresponding soil moisture, temperature, water potential and other sensors are arranged in the soil column bucket, and finally the in-situ soil is backfilled. The evapotranspiration of the local soil can be obtained through the load cell and the tipper leaker. The data acquisition system collects and stores the relevant data, and then transmits the data back to the client through the GPRS remote communication module.


System Features:

  • Complete soil evapotranspiration system, suitable for agricultural production, scientific research and water conservancy measurement;

  • Easy to maintain, suitable for long-term monitoring in the field;

  • High measurement accuracy, no need for manual participation;

  • It integrates data acquisition and wireless communication, and has the function of chart display;

  • The data collection density can be set by yourself;

  • Support AC/solar/battery power supply mode;

  • It can be applied in a single station or can be deployed in a network, wireless data transmission;

  • Large-capacity data storage;

  • Can be connected to various soil and environmental meteorological sensors;

ST-100: Thermistor Temperature Sensor

Measurement and Control Datalogger CR1000X

SM150T Soil Moisture Sensor

MeasurementVolumetric water content and soil temperature
Accuracy± 0.03 m3.m-3 (3%)
With soil-specific calibration
± 0.5°C (0 to 40°C for temp sensor)
± 0.75°C (-20 to +60°C for temp sensor)
Soil moisture measurement rangeFull accuracy over:
0 to 0.7 m3.m-3
Full range : 0 to 1.0 m3.m-3
Salinity range50 to 500 mS.m-1
Salinity errors < 0.035 m3.m-3 from 0.05 to 0.4 m3.m-3. Can be calibrated up to 2000 mS.m-1
Temperature rangeFull accuracy over: 0 to 40°C
Output0 to 1.0 V differential
Corresponding to 0 to ~0.6 m3.m-3
Resistance 5.8Ω to 28Ω for temp sensor
Power requirement5-14 V, ~18 mA for 1s
Minimum 5 V with 100 m cable
EnvironmentalIP68 (-40 to +70°C)
Sample volume~55 x 70 mm diameter
Sample volume is weighted towards soil immediately surrounding the rods
Dimensions and weightOverall: 143 x 40 mm diameter
Rods: 51 mm x 2.5 mm diameter
Weight: 0.1 kg (exc. cable)
Sensor calibrationsIndividual sensors are interchangeable
Recalibration advised every 3 years (depending on use)
Soil calibrationsGeneralised Mineral and Organic soil calibrations are supplied

load cell

Hydra II Soil Multiparameter Sensor

MPS-6 soil water potential and temperature sensor

HFP01 Soil Heat Flux Plate

Please confirm the system configuration and some key technical specifications with our company before purchasing.