ET-107 Evaporation Monitoring Station

ET-107 automatic weather station is an automatic system specially developed for large-scale mechanized planting and irrigation. It can evaluate the water loss of soil due to evaporation and plant tran

  • Product Name:ET-107 Evaporation Monitoring Station
  • Model:ET-107
  • Country:USA

ET-107 automatic weather station is an automatic system specially developed for large-scale mechanized planting and irrigation. It can evaluate the water loss of soil due to evaporation and plant transpiration, calculate the evapotranspiration of crops, and use water for crop irrigation. provide scientific basis. Users can easily read various monitoring data by using LoggerNet software, and can automatically calculate evapotranspiration and other data through software programs, freeing users from complicated calculations, greatly improving work efficiency, and providing users with more accurate and more accurate data. Reliable service.


 A complete set of ET-107 automatic weather station station includes various types of weather sensors, such as HMP60-ET temperature and humidity sensor, TE525ET rain barrel, 034B-ETM wind speed and direction sensor or WindSonic1-ETM two-dimensional ultrasonic wind speed sensor, CS305 -ETM solar radiation sensor, etc., a set of CR1000X measurement and control module, a set of 3 meters aluminum bracket and a 7Ah rechargeable battery. Users can charge the battery using AC or 10W solar panel. Monitoring data can be transmitted via telephone modem or shortwave wireless. In addition, users can also choose 107/108 soil temperature probe, CS616 soil moisture sensor, etc. according to actual needs.

Measurable indicators:

 radiation, air temperature, air relative humidity, rainfall, wind speed and direction, soil temperature (optional), soil moisture (optional)

LoggerNet software features:

• Create custom data logger projects, using Edlog or CRBasic;

• Display real-time graphics, historical data;

• Build custom displays to view data;

• use our communication options for retrieving data;

• Saved data formats (including CSV, XML) can be imported into third-party analysis packages.

Measurement and Control Datalogger CR1000X

Operating Temperature Range    

-40° to +70°C (standard)

-55° to +85°C (extended)

Analog Inputs      16 single-ended or 8 differential (individually configured)

Pulse Counters      10 (P1 to P2 and C1 to C8)

Voltage Excitation Terminals           4 (VX1 to VX4)

Communications Ports

EthernetUSBCS I/ORS-232CPIRS-485

Data Storage Ports            microSD

Switched 12 Volt         2 terminals

Digital I/O            8 terminals (C1 to C8) configurable for digital input and output. Includes status high/low, pulse width modulation, external interrupt, edge timing, switch closure pulse counting, high-frequency pulse counting, UART, RS-232, RS-485, SDM, SDI-12, I2C, and SPI function. Terminals are configurable in pairs for 5 V or 3.3 V logic for some functions.

Input Limits   ±5 V

Analog Voltage Accuracy   

Accuracy specifications do not include sensor or measurement noise.

±(0.04% of measurement + offset) at 0° to 40°C

±(0.06% of measurement + offset) at -40° to +70°C

±(0.08% of measurement + offset) at -55° to +85°C (extended temperature range)

ADC       24-bit

Power Requirements     10 to 18 Vdc

Real-Time Clock Accuracy       ±3 min. per year (Optional GPS correction to 10 µs)

Internet Protocols  Ethernet, PPP, CS I/O IP, RNDIS, ICMP/Ping, Auto-IP(APIPA), IPv4, IPv6, UDP, TCP, TLS, DNS, DHCP, SLAAC, SNMPv3, NTP, Telnet, HTTP(S), FTP(S), SMTP/TLS, POP3/TLS

Communication Protocols       PakBus, Modbus, DNP3, SDI-12, TCP, UDP, and others

Warranty       3 years (against defects in materials and workmanship)

Battery-backed SRAM for CPU Usage & Final Storage         4 MB

Data Storage      4 MB SRAM + 72 MB flash (Storage expansion of up to 16 GB with removable microSD flash memory card.)

Idle Current Drain, Average       < 1 mA (@ 12 Vdc)

Active Current Drain, Average    

1 mA (1 Hz scan @ 12 Vdc)

55 mA (20 Hz scan @ 12 Vdc)

Dimensions     23.8 x 10.1 x 6.2 cm (9.36 x 3.98 x 2.42 in.) Additional clearance required for cables and leads.

Weight    0.86 kg (1.9 lb)

CS305-ETM Solar Radiation Sensor

Light Spectrum Waveband    300 to 1100 nm

Measurement Range       0 to 2000 W m-2 (full sunlight ≈ 1000 W m-2)

Absolute Accuracy   ±5% for daily total radiation

Cosine Response ±4% (at 75° zenith angle)

±1% (at 45° zenith angle)

Temperature Response    < 1% (at 5° to 40°C)

Long-Term Stability  < 2% per year

Diameter    2.4 cm (0.9 in.)

Cable Length    152.4 cm (60 in.)

Height       2.5 cm (1.0 in.)

Weight       65 g (2.3 oz)

HMP60-ETS Temperature/RH Probe

Supply Voltage:     5 to 28 Vdc (typically powered by datalogger’s 12 V supply)

Typical Current Consumption:    1 mA

Maximum Current Consumption:      5 mA

Filter Description:        0.2 µm Teflon membrane

Settling Time :  1 s

Sensor Body Material:  AISI 316 stainless steel

Filter Cap Material:      Chrome-coated ABS plastic

Classification :  IP65

Filter Diameter:     1.2 cm (0.5 in.)

Sensor Diameter:    1.2 cm (0.5 in.)

Sensor Length:    7.1 cm (2.8 in.)

Cable Length :   137.16 cm (54 in.)

Weight:   117.93 g (0.26 lb)


Temperature Sensor:    1000 ohm Platinum Resistance Thermometer

Measurement Range:  -40° to +60°C

Accuracy       :   ±0.6°C

Relative Humidity

Sensor:     Vaisala’s INTERCAP capacitive chip

Measurement Range:   0 to 100% RH (non-condensing)

Accuracy (0 to 90% RH):

±5% (-40° to 0°C)

±3% (0° to 40°C)

±5% (40° to 60°C)

Accuracy (90 to 100% RH) :

±7% (-40° to 0°C)

±5% (0° to 40°C)

±7% (40° to 60°C)

TE525-ET Rain Gage

Sensor Type:  Tipping bucket/magnetic reed switch

Material  : Anodized aluminum

Temperature:       0° to 50°C

Resolution:    1 tip

Volume per Tip:    4.73 ml/tip (0.16 fl. oz/tip)

Rainfall per Tip:     0.254 mm (0.01 in.)

Accuracy      :   1.0% up to 2 in./h (50 mm/h)

Cable:     2-conductor shielded

Funnel Collector Diameter  :  15.4 cm (6.06 in.)

Height :  24.1 cm (9.5 in.)

Cable Length :  139.7 cm (55 in.)

Tipping Bucket Weight       :  0.9 kg (2.0 lb)

Cable Weight:   0.1 kg (0.2 lb) per 3.05 m (10 ft) length

034B-ETM Wind Set

Operating Temperature:      -30° to +70°C

Cable Length:       170.18 cm (67 in.)

Weight:    907 g (2 lb)

Wind Speed (Anemometer)

Range:    0 to 75 m/s (0 to 167 mph)

Accuracy < 10.14 m/s (22.7 mph):   0.1 m/s (0.25 mph)

Accuracy > 10.14 m/s (22.7 mph):   ±1.1% of true

Resolution:    (0.7998 m s-1) / (scan rate in seconds) or (1.789 mph) / (scan rate in seconds)

Starting Threshold:      0.4 m/s (0.9 mph)

Sensor Output:     Pulsed contact closure

Anemometer Radius:  10.7 cm (4.2 in.)

Anemometer Height:  24.4 cm (9.6 in.)

Wind Direction (Vane)

Mechanical Range:      360°

Electrical Range:   356° (4° open)

Accuracy       :   ±4°

Damping Ratio:     0.25

Resolution:    < 5°

Potentiometer Resistance:   0 to 10 kΩ (open at crossover)

Vane Length:   33.5 cm (13.2 in.)

WINDSONIC1-ETM 2-D Sonic Wind Sensor

Operating Humidity:    < 5% to 100% RH

Operating Temperature:      -35° to +70°C

Storage Temperature:        -40° to +80°C

Input Voltage       :  9 to 30 Vdc

Typical Current Drain:  ~15 mA (continuous)

Measurement Frequency: 40 Hz block averaged to a 1 Hz output frequency

Outputs Parameters:  Polar (direction and speed) or orthogonal (Ux and Uy wind)

Output Signal:   RS-232

Maximum Cable Capacitance:   2500 pF

Maximum Cable Length:   15.24 m (50 ft) For configurations requiring longer cable lengths, contact an application engineer at Campbell Scientific.

Diameter:  14.2 cm (5.6 in.)

Length:  16.0 cm (16.3 in.)

Weight:   0.5 kg (1.1 lb)

Wind Direction

Range:  0° to 359° (no dead band)

Accuracy       :   ±3°


Wind Speed

Range:  0 to 60 m/s

Accuracy:     ±2% (@ 12 m s-1)

Resolution:  0.01 m/s