Ready-To-Go Lysimeter

Small size with a high degree of instrumentationIn addition to the large PE-HD lysimeter stations, we have also developed a smaller and more cost-effective solution for field investigations to co

  • Product Name:Ready-To-Go Lysimeter
  • Model:Ready-To-Go
  • Maunufactor:UGT
  • Country:DE

Small size with a high degree of instrumentation

In addition to the large PE-HD lysimeter stations, we have also developed a smaller and more cost-effective solution for field investigations to complement our product line. The Ready-To-Go lysimeters are small weighable lysimeter stations suitable for monoliths with diameters of 300, 500 or 800 mm and a length of 300, 600 or 900 mm. It is suitable for both disturbed (manually filled) and undisturbed soil monoliths (special sampling devices). The entire station can also be set up and put into operation without special tools or staff. The system consists of a stainless steel lysimeter vessel, a weighing system, a leachate tank with a tipping counter, a series of high-precision and accurately fitting soil hydrological sensors and one control station each. With UGT sensors such as tensiometers, water content and temperature probes, as well as suction probes, we support and enable your investigation of the function of ecosystems. The Ready-To-Go Lysimeter can be extended by a pore water extraction system, the module UGT weather station with climate sensors, and a module for controlling the lower boundary condition of the Lysimeter.


Direct and reliable water balance

In combination with precipitation measurements, the evapotranspiration of the site can be determined directly and reliably by means of the weighable Ready-To-Go Lysimeter via the mass changes. With the highly specialized weighing system, you benefit from our great experience in the field of lysimeter technology. This precise technology enables direct water balance analyses with a resolution of 0.01 mm. The detection of dew, snow and small amounts of evapotranspiration is no problem. The pore water can be recorded manually or automatically with the UGT suction probe system in a maximum of 3 depths in the lysimeter. Equipped with a free outlet at the bottom of the monolith and an automatic submersible pump, Ready-To-Go Lysimeters also allow a quantitative ( tipping counter ) and qualitative investigation of the leachate.


Insights into the "black box" soil

In addition to weighing, our Ready-To-Go Lysimeters are equipped with high-resolution, innovative tensiometer measuring technology. Tensiometer measurements are fundamental for comprehensive observation of the water balance of an ecosystem. The tension is a driving force for the movement of soil water. The worldwide novel and patented Full Range Tensiometer is a polymer tensiometer, which is perfectly adapted to the requirements of the Ready-To-Go Lysimeter technology. It covers the entire suction tension range relevant for plants up to 1500 kPa (pF 4.2). No refilling is necessary. The measurement is reliable even in difficult media. Salt containing locations, such as in arid areas, are no problem with correct calibration and due to the direct pressure measurement. The Full Range Tensiometer provides the soil temperature as an additional parameter.


Controlled conditions at the lower boundary

The collection of all water balance variables in the field is essentially determined by the groundwater, but lysimeters lie isolated from the natural groundwater. With the Ready-To-Go of 600 mm and 800mm depths, you can transfer natural conditions to the lower edge of the soil monolith using a tension and time controlled pump system, reference sensors and suction cup ring. It is also possible to carry out the control in accordance with the scenario, independent of the environmental conditions. In comparison to other systems, it is possible to switch between the lower boundary condition module and the quantitative (tipping counter) and qualitative investigation of the leachate via the free outlet at the Lysimeter bottom.

The Ready-To-Go control station ensures the implementation of all control processes as well as data recording. In addition, the power supply and the digital connection of all sensors and actuators are combined there.


Undisturbed soil columns

For largely undisturbed soil monoliths, we recommend the use of the UGT basic sampling technique. This can easily be applied by the user himself. Or you decide for the patented UGT extraction technology with trained support by the UGT personnel. Benefit from the space-efficient extraction technology for undisturbed mineral or organic soils and moors developed by UGT and practiced for many years. Your soil columns can be extracted with high precision, undisturbed soil structure and minimal destruction of the extraction site. We recommend to equip the lower edge with the proven UGT- 3 layer filter gravel.


Combination of field and laboratory studies

Our  EcoLab 500(Ø 500 mm), a measuring system for the investigation of ecosystem functions in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum, is matched to the Ready-To-Go Lysimeter (Ø 500 mm). A monolith can be used in the Ready-To-Go Lysimeter under field conditions and then for laboratory investigations.


Service tailored to the customer

For the installation and maintenance of your measuring station we accompany you and offer scientific and technical service according to your needs. Furthermore it is possible to transfer the collected data via the SVADSS online data management system.



  • cost-effective

  • small and therefore manageable and exportable without large machines

  • can be installed by the user himself

  • Ready-To-Go Lysimeter Ø 500 can be combined with the UGT EcoLab - use of the same monolith in the field and in the laboratory possible

RTG variants

RTG 300/300

lysimeter vessel for soil column: Ø300 mm; H=300 mm

outer vessel: Ø 500 mm

depth sensor ports: 100 mm; 200 mm

RTG 300/600

lysimeter vessel for soil column: Ø300 mm; H=600 mm

outer vessel: Ø 500 mm

depth sensor ports: 100 mm; 250mm; 400mm

RTG 300/900

lysimeter vessel for soil column: Ø300mm; H=900mm

outer vessel: Ø 500mm

depth sensor ports: 200mm; 400mm; 600mm

RTG 500/300

lysimeter vessel for soil column: Ø500mm; H=300mm

outer vessel: Ø 600mm

depth sensor ports :100mm; 200mm

RTG 500/600

lysimeter vessel for soil column: Ø500mm; H=600mm

outer vessel: Ø 600mm

depth sensor ports: 100mm; 250mm; 400mm

RTG 500/900

lysimeter vessel for soil column: Ø500mm; H=900mm

outer vessel: Ø 600mm

depth sensor ports: 200mm; 400mm; 600mm

RTG 800/300

lysimeter vessel for soil column: Ø800mm; H=300mm

outer vessel: Ø 1000mm

depth sensor ports :100mm; 200mm

RTG 800/600

lysimeter vessel for soil column: Ø800mm; H=600mm

outer vessel: Ø 1000mm

depth sensor ports :100mm; 250mm; 400mm

RTG 800/900

lysimeter vessel for soil column: Ø800mm; H=900mm

outer vessel Ø 1000mm

depth sensor ports : 200mm; 400mm; 600mm


lysimeter vessel

stainless steel

outer vessel

PE-HD, incl. lysimeter collar and rubber lip

weighing system

load cells

3 pc.


0.02 %

OIML class

C3 approved

load triangle

stainless- steel construction, incl. height adjustable and vibration absorbing feets and brackets for the lysimeter vessel

SMT 100


max. 3 pc.

measuring range soilmoisture

0-60 %vol

resolution soil moisture

± 1% vol

accuracy soil moisture

± 3 % vol

measuring range temperature

-40 ... +80 °C

resolution temperature

±0.1 °C

accuracy temperature

±0.2 °C

Fullrange Tensiometer


max. 3 pc

measuring range

-100…1500 kPa (pF 4.2)



operating temperature

+1…+39°C (soil temperature)

pH-measuring range

pH 2…pH 10


Ø 25mm; length 150 mm

Tipping counter

Ø 300 mm und 500 mm

Ø 800 mm

volume of tipping tray

4 ml, adjustable, Polyamid

0,1l Polycarbonat


max. 1l/min

max. 5l/min

Installations kit

support tool for load cells

3 pc, stainless steel

carrying loops

max. 3 pc.

RTG- control station


DT 80M, web-based interface, data storage and transmission, software, optional customer-specific programming

Module extensions climate station

rain gauge, with tipping counter


0,2 mm

collection area

200 cm2

1 pulse

4ml = 0,2 mm

temperature- and humidity sensor with protection hut, type Young

measuring range



± 2%

Output signal


measuring range temperature

-30…+120 °C

accuracy temperature

± 0,2 K

global radiation sensor EMS11

measuring range

0…2000 W/m2


20mV per m2 1000 W

calibration error in daylight max.



1 %

operation temperature

-20- +60°C

data logger

integrated in the RTG control station

control station

integrated in the RTG control station

Pore water sampling

suction probe


3 pc.

bubble point

0,89 bar



dimension ceramic

Ø 20mm; L= 50 mm

operating temperature

Frostsicher im eingebauten Zustand

hand pump (manual operation)

aluminium, manometer; 18 ml/Hub; hose couplings; vacuum: 815 mbar; pressure: 1,5 bar

duran glas bottle

3 pc., 500 ml, GL 45,


3 pc. , PE, with silicon seal, hose couplings, PE valves

underfloor box


control station pore water sampling automatic

integrated in the RTG control station

Basic excavation unit


stainless steel 1.4301

carring loops

max. 3 pc.

UGT – 3 layer-filter gravel

fraction 1 particle size

0,1 …0,5mm

fraction 2 particle size


fraction 3 particle size