eosAC Multi-Species Soil Flux Chamber

The eosAC is a robust, recirculating soil flux chamber for measurement of carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) multi-species gases with the Los Gatos Research UGGA, Gasmet

  • Product Name:Multi-Species Soil Flux Chamber
  • Model:eosAC
  • Maunufactor:Eosense
  • Country:Canada


  • Seamless integration with various GHG analyzers

  • Robust, weatherproof design

  • Customizable automated sampling & data pre-processing

  • Flux calculation software

The eosAC is an automated chamber for measuring multispecies soil gas flux (including CO2, CH4 and N2O). Up to 12 chambers can be connected to a single gas analyzer via the eosMX or eosMX-P multiplexers. The eosAnalyze software enables quick and easy processing of gas flux data on any Windows-based computer.

Potential Applications

  • Agricultural GHG emissions

  • Forest soil fluxes

  • Survey-style measurements

  • Tree stem fluxes

  • Wetlands and peatlands

Seamless Integration with Various GHG Analyzers

The eosAC was designed with flexibility in mind. It seamlessly integrates with ABB-LGR, Gasmet and Picarro gas analyzers. Our eosLink-AC software runs directly on these compatible analyzers and allows users to schedule and customize automated measurements. The eosAC is also compatible with other greenhouse gas analyzers via a Campbell Scientific CR1000X or CR6 datalogger. Contact us to learn more about using eosAC chambers and the eosMX multiplexer with a datalogger and a third party analyzer.

Robust, Weatherproof Design

The eosAC’s rugged design can withstand months of continuous deployment in a wide range of  harsh environments. Designed with accurate measurements in mind, the eosAC has several built-in features that ensure high quality data capture. Slow raising and lowering of the chamber eliminates pressure effects, the vented design ensures steady atmospheric pressure without compromising samples through back diffusion, and the gas feed/return loop helps promote efficient mixing. 

Customizable Automated Sampling & Data Pre-processing

The eosAC and accompanying eosLink software automates sampling and data pre-processing, helping researchers save time. Every research site is unique, so chamber measurement cycles are fully customizable. With the eosLink software, users can specify the duration of chamber openings and closures, as well as gas line purges between sampling events. The eosLink software keeps data organized so each measurement is automatically assigned to the chamber it was collected with and matches the timestamp of the chamber measurement with the analyzer.

Flux Calculation Software

Eosense wants to help you get to the heart of your research questions faster, that’s why we created our eosAnalyze software. At its core, eosAnalyze is a powerful tool for quickly and easily processing and analyzing flux chamber data. The software also lets users quickly determine Keeling plot intercepts, and integrate peripheral measurements. Data can be easily imported into eosAnalyze directly from compatible analyzers, providing maximum flexibility and utility for users.


Enclosure:     Aluminum

Gas lines:     PTFE

Auxiliary sensor ports:     3


Chamber volume:     1969 cm3 / 120 in3

Reach (analyzer to chamber):     30 m / 100 ft (Gasmet, ABB-LGR, Picarro)

Collar diameter:     15.2 cm / 6 in

Min. collar volume:     469 cm3 / 28.6 in3

Height - fully open (approx):     40 cm / 15.7 in

Mass (approx):     5 kg / 11 lb


Operating voltage:     12 V DC

Operating power - in motion:     < 8 W

Operating power - idle:     < 1 W