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StrokeCoach/SpeedCoach Replacement Battery Door w/ O-Ring

Replacement Battery Door for StrokeCoach/SpeedCoach with O-Ring

Cox-Box Maintenance Kit

Over the years, we’ve seen that Cox-Boxes and microphones receiving regular maintenance offer a big improvement in life-span, performance and repair frequency.
This small kit, packed in a waterproof bag, contains all the tools you need to take care of your Cox-Box and microphone! Along with laminated, full pictorial instructions for maintenance of the Cox-Box P5, Microphone BNC, and speaker harness connections, this Kit is a must have for every boathouse.The small investment in this kit will offer big returns in the condition of your equipment.

The kit includes:
a Nyogel syringe,
a container of silicone grease,
a drill bit,
a small screwdriver
10 grease applicators
a small waterproof carry bag
a laminated pictorial instruction card clearly showing the maintenance steps for every Cox-Box connector

HD Harness Seat Sensor
Stroke Rate Senosr for HD wiring harness

Producing Area:USA

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