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Water Quality Dipper Type KLL-Q-2


Multifunctional Water Quality Measurements in Groundwater or Lakes

with round cable and integrated data logger for automatic and manual data recording

Measuring parameters
Water level
- Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
- Salinity
- Density
Dissolved oxygen
-oxygen saturation
Redoxpotential (ORP)
Chlorophyll a
Rhodamine WT
-Total Suspended Solids (TSS)


Groundwater Monitoring           Adjusting the KLL-Q-2            Water Sampling in Lakes

Quality Measuring with KLL-Q-2

The SEBA-KLL, type is a unique mobile field laboratory for measurements of water quality at groundwater or surface water measuring sites. Suitable for 50mm (2”) diameter wells. The instrument has an extremely compact design, easy operation with fast and precise acquisition of many water quality parameters. The current measured values are clearly displayed.
Optionally, the instrument can be equipped with an integrated data logger with a storage capacity of up to 70,000 values for an automatic or manual data recording. By default, the is supplied with an accoustic signal device when the sensor touches the water surface. The new graduated round-cable with robust PE-covering (laserprinted, cm/dm/m) is fade proof and abrasion resistant.

KLL-Q-2 in Detail

3-lines Display with background lighting for clear indication of current measuring values.

The instrument can be operated via 3 keys on the front. It is very user-friendly and menu-guided.

RS232 Interface
Comfortable calibration of Multiparameter sensors via operation Software SEBAConfig and your PC/Notebook.

Your alternative to using a Notebook for programming, read-out of the stored files as well as for local visualisation of measuring data.

Data Logger

Full data logger functionality (optional) is possible for the automatic storage of up to 70,000 measured values. Instant logs can be obtained manually at the push of a button, suitable for quick assimilation of water quality profiles.


Due to the drum-combined supporting-frame the Multiparameterprobe can easily be lowered with our new improved laser-printed round-cable.


The comfortable transport-container guarantees for a fast readiness as well as for a safe storage of the probes.

Multiparameter Sensor

Plug-in, maintenance-friendly high-quality-steel probe for connection to KLL-Q-2 or MPS-Checker.
Individually configurable with different sensor-systems (e.g. pH, O , conductivity etc.)

For a detailed description of the Multiparameterprobe please see our Water Quality Monitoring brochure.

Technical Data   basic modul

4-cores round cable, polyethelene V2a-conductors with copper core, black cm-division with dm-marks and m-indications
Cable drum
impact-resistant, temperature stable synthetic material, with supporting frame made of aluminium

Power supply
rechargable batteries 4x 2 V
operation period: 8...15 hours depending on cable length and configuration

Cable lengths: 50, 100, 200, 300, 500 m

Digital indication
alphanumerical 3 character LC-Display for indication of current value

Sensor body
non corrosive stainless steel V4a or PVC

Connectable Sensors:
- multiparameter sensor MPS-D3
- multiparameter sensor MPS-D8
- multiparameter sensor MPS-K16

Data Logger Function (Option)

Electronic System: 
- internal power supply: 8V (4x2V Lead gel akku) 
- external charger 
- power consumption in power-down Mode: 140μA
- Flash-Controller M16C 16-Bit with integrated Watch-dog 
- IC-Clock 
- serial Flash-Memory with 1MB (approx. 70,000 measuring values)
- channels: maximal 32 

Operation and indication:
- display (3 lines, 16 characters 3.65mm)
- keyboard with 3 keys

- RS 232

Input /Output sensor connection:
- RS 485

Technical Data   sensors

Parameter        Measuring ranges
water level        0...200 m
temperature:     -5...50°C
pressure:           0...50 bar
conductivity      0...200mS
temperature:     -5...50°C
pressure:           0...50 bar
total dissolved solids 0...200,000mg/l
(TDS)                 temperature: -5...50°C
                         pressure: 0...50 bar
salinity               0...70
                         temperature: -5...50°C
                          pressure: 0...50 bar
density               988…1,060 g/l
                         temperature: -5...50°C
                         pressure: 0...50 bar
(amperometric)  0...40mg/l
                         temperature: 0...50°C
                         pressure: 0...10 bar
oxygen (optical) 0...25mg/l
                         temperature: 0...50°C
                         pressure: 0...10 bar
oxygen saturation 0..400% saturation
                            temperature: 0...50°C
                            pressure: 0...10 bar
pH                        0..14
                            temperature: 0...50°C
                            pressure: 0...20 bar
redox (ORP)          -1,200mV...1,200mV
                            temperature: 0...50°C
                            pressure: 0...20 bar
ammonia              0.01...17000mg/l
                             temperature: 0...50°C
                             pressure: 0...0,5 bar

Parameter             Measuring ranges

nitrate                   0.4...60,000mg/l
                             temperature: 0...40°C
                             pressure: 0...20 bar
chloride                 1...35,000mg/l
                             temperature: 0...50°C
                             pressure: 0...20 bar
ammonium           0.2...18,000mg/
                             temperature: 0...40°C
                             pressure: 0...1 bar
natrium                  0.2..20,000mg/l
                              temperature: 0...50°C
                              pressure: 0...6 bar
calcium                   0.5...40,000mg/l
                              temperature: 0...40°C
                              pressure: 0...1 bar
fluoride                   0.2…20,000mg/l
                               temperatuer: 0...40°C
                               pressure: 0...1 bar
potassium                0.4...39,000mg/l
                               temperature: 0...40°C
                               pressure: 0...1 bar
chlorophyll a (optical) 0.03…500μg/l Chl a
                                  temperature: -2...50°C
                                  pressure: 0...60 bar
cyanobacteria (optical) 150...2,000,000 cells/ml
                                   temperature: -2...50°C
                                    pressure: 0...60 bar
rhodamine WT (optical) 0.04...1,000ppb RWT
                                    temperature: -2...50°C
                                    pressure: 0...60 bar
turbidity (optical)          0...1,000NTU
                                    temperature: 0...50°C
                                    pressure: 0...10 bar with wiper
                                                   0...20 bar without wiper
total suspendid solids   approx. 5 fold measuring range turbidity mg/l
(TSS)                            temperature: 0...50°C
                                    pressure: 0...10 bar with wiper
                                    0...20 bar without wiper

For further information on Multiparameter Sensors please see separate brochure on Water Quality Monitoring.

Producing Area:Germany

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