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Data Logger MDS Dipper-TEC


Monitoring System for:

Groundwater observation wells, geohydraulic (aquifer) tests, water drainage control at construction sites and surface water
Robust housing made of anti-corrosive steel lHigh data security due to flash-memory lWatch-Dog-Function for high operation security
Nearly Maintenance Free: battery lifetime approx. 8 years,
Suitable for 2" casing and above


4" Monitoring Well                         Observation of Wells


Data Retrieval via  SEBA-HDA     Data Evaluation with SEBA-Software

The new SEBA Data Logger type MDS Dipper- TEC is the consistant further development of the well proven MDS Dipper Series for the continuous monitoring of ground- and surface water, with special focus to operation and data security.

An  integrated  watch-dog-function  in  the  MDS-Dipper-TEC continuously   supervises   the microprocessor activities and therefore can guarantee a high operation security.

The MDS Dipper-TEC is equipped with a Flash- memory (Flash-RAM). The recorded monitoring data is stored in the memory of the Dipper-TEC where the data is always recallable even in the unlikely event of a power supply failure.

Additional important characteristics of the MDS Dipper-TEC:

robust housing  of  anti-corrosive steel with high chemical resistance for the installation in well casings starting from 2" in diameter
exchangeable lithium batteries for >8 years operation (depending on the adjusted measuring interval)
high accurate, robust ceramic pressure measuring cell for different measuring ranges (i.e. 1 bar, 2 bar, etc.)
diameter independent fixing device, suitable for all standard top pieces

The new MDS Dipper-TEC sets new standards in regards to operation and data-security, as well as functionality!

Data Transfer to PC

Water Level Sensor/Temperature Sensor/Conductivity Sensor

Integrated robust, high accuracy pressure and temperature transducer with excellent long-term stability as well as conductivity sensor with 4 electrode technique.

Operation with HDA or Notebook
Robust HDA for the rough field operation as alternative to a notebook. Vibration, impact, dust and water resistant housing according to IP67 for operation between -30°C up to +60°C.

Long durability up to 30 hours.

Simple operation resp. input of parameters (i.e. of control values) via TFT-colour-LCD-touchscreen or pin.

Included in the delivery:

Operation software SEBAConfig for simple programming, adjustment and operation of SEBA Data Loggers (e.g Dipper-3), as well as for transmission of the stored measuring values to PC.
Evaluation   software   MGMDS/MLMDS CE for plausibility check of stored measuring data in form of curves and lists.


Of course, your data logger can directly be connected to a PC (e.g. Notebook) or to a data transmission modem, thanks to its serial interface.

Evaluation with PC

For the data evaluation, pre-programmed routines are available for the client - which guarantee an easy operation.

Evaluation (Software MGMDS / MLMDS)

single measured values with date and time
daily middle- and extreme values
conversion of measured values with mathematical functions

parameter lines with zoom and fade-cross functions
hard-copy routines multi
parameter graphs plot-routines

Read out- and Configuration Software SEBAConfig
configuration of data logger
output in ASCII-format for the use with standard software for graphic and table-calculations
special routine for data transmission to UNIX systems

Technical Data

Data Logger (MDS Dipper-TEC)

SMD-technique with auto-testing routine
16 Bit microprocessor
1 MB Flash-memory for approx. 80,000 values
Watch-Dog function for the control of micro-processor activities
serial communication interface RS 485
real-time clock
power supply with exchangeable lithium battery sufficient for > 8 years (with 60 min. measuring interval)
operation temperature: -20°...+70°C

Storage of recorded data:
Storage of recorded data in real-time
16 bit resolution
optimized memory usage through binary data-structure with date and time
observation function (timestamp, control value)
storage of control values
measuring interval: 1 min. to 45 days

pressure-watertight metal housing (V4a steel)
supply- and adaption unit with integrated desiccator and
pressure compensation tube
material: anti-corrosive steel V4a
dimensions:Ø 40mm, 480mm length
installation device in top pieces (for diameter of 2”and above)

Pressure Sensor for water level measurement

robust ceramic-pressure sensor with excellent long-term stability
accuarcy: < 0.1% = <1cm with 10m measuring range
long-term stability: ±0.1% / years
measuring range: 10 / 20 / 30 / 40m etc. resp. on request

Temperature Sensor
NTC30-temperature sensor element with polynomial lineraization
measuring range: -5...+50°C
accuarcy:± 0.1°C

Conductivity Sensor (incl. Salinity)
4-electrode measuring cell
measuring range: 0..200μS/cm or 0..2mS/cm or 0..20mS/cm or 0..200mS/cm
accuracy: ±0.5%
operation temp.: 0..50°C
pressure range: 0..50 bar


Processor/memory:     Intel PXA 255 X-Scale CPU 200-800 MHz/64 MB SDRAM, 64 MB NAND Flash
Display:                       QVGA, 240x320 pixel, colour TFT with touchscreen and front light
Operating temperature Humidity: -30 °C up to +60 °C
resisistance:                MIL-STD 810F method 507.4
Drop:                         26 drops from 1.2 m on concrete
Protection class:        IP 67
Size: Length:             165mm, Width:95mm, Height:45mm
Weight:                     490 g incl. battery
Battery:                     3,800mAh NiMH-battery for 12–30 hours operation
Operating system:     Windows Mobile
Connections:             1 x USB-B Slave (12 Mbps),
                                 1 x RS232 (115 Kbps)
                                 1 x Charging, 2 x CF-slot type II
Keyboard:                  10 keys, softkeyboard for input of
                                 alpha-numerical characters

Included in delivery:
Battery charger
Software SEBAConfig CE
MGMDS/MLMDS CE for presentation of tables and graphs

Producing Area:Germany

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