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LoggerNet Admin is a software package suitable for our customers with large datalogger networks. LoggerNet Admin builds on the foundations of LoggerNet, providing additional clients, capabilities, and tools that are useful when managing a large datalogger network.

LoggerNet Admin includes all of LoggerNet's functionality as well as the ability to enable security for client connections, connect to remote LoggerNet servers with the included clients, run LoggerNet as a native Windows service, export data to third-party applications, and launch multiple instances of the same client (for instance, opening two Connect windows to communicate simultaneously with dataloggers).

Includes all LoggerNet functions
Enables security
Manages server from a remote PC
Runs LoggerNet as a service
Exports data to third-party applications
Launches multiple instances of the same client

PC Operating System: Windows 7, Vista, 2000, or XP
Current Version: 4.0

Producing Area:USA

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