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The CR850 datalogger is similar to the CR800 datalogger, except it has a keyboard display as part of its integrated package. The CR850 provides a lower-cost datalogger alternative for measurements of a limited number of sensors, yet can be used with most of our telecommunication devices such as cellular telephones, RF UHF/VHF RF modems, and satellite transceivers. The CR850 datalogger uses external power supplies.

Ideal datalogger where only a few sensors will be measured
Stores 4 Mbytes of data and programming in SRAM
Includes an on-board keyboard display as part of its integrated package
Data format is table
Operating system: PakBus®
Software support offered in LoggerNet or PC400 (full-featured) or ShortCut (programming)
Supports Modbus protocol, SDI-12 protocol, and SDM devices

Current Drain: ~0.6 mA (sleep mode), 1 to 16 mA (w/o RS-232 communications), 17 to 28 mA (w/RS-232 communications)
A/D Bits: 13
Scan Rate: 100 Hz
Analog Inputs: 6 single-ended (3 differential), individually configured
Analog Voltage Range: ±5000 mV
Analog Voltage Accuracy: ±(0.06% of reading + offset), 0° to 40°C
Measurement Resolution: 0.33 µV
Switched Excitations: 2 voltage
Pulse Counters: 2
Control/Digital Ports: 4
Memory: 2 MB Flash (operating system), 4 MB (CPU usage, program storage, and data storage)
Communication Ports: 1 RS-232, 1 CS I/O
Protocols Supported: PakBus, Modbus, DNP3, FTP, HTTP, XML, POP3, SMTP, Telnet, NTCIP, NTP, SDI-12, SDM
Warranty: 3 years

Producing Area:USA

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