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DC/DC Buck-Converter for Fuel Cell Systems


As a result of a researching project with the University of Applied Sciences FH Stralsund we developed a DC/DC-Buck-converter for fuel cell systems. The converter delivers selectable output voltages and can be equipped with different battery charging methods. It is possible to connect the converter to miscellaneous battery systems like lead-type batteries, NiMH or even modern LiIon type accumulators.

Technical data

Input voltage UEin         :   16 ... 42V 
Output voltage              :  selectable, max. UEin-3V 
Output current IAus       :  32A Continuity, short time (5Min.) overload to 110%  
Efficiency: hmax             :  > 97% 
Averaged efficiency        :  >= 92% 
(for all input-voltages)   
Connectors                    :  screwed contact with M5-bolts
Case                              :  aluminum 
Cooling                          :  passive 
Battery charging            :  lead-acid-battery, 
                                      NiMH, trickle charge,
                                      flexible adaptable(NiMH, LiIon) 
Communication interface :  RS232, USB

Producing Area:Germany

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