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Arkona Train


On the very north of the island Rügen, on Cape Arkona, operates the train Arkonabahn. To solve problems with the electrical system on this craft we installed an auxiliary fuel cell unit. This system should support the alternater. It delivers the electrical power for energy-hungry loads like video-system, clima-automatic, maintaining a full battery and so on.

Installed fuel cell

Electricity supply of the board electronics of the Arkonabahn

The fuel cell serves for the electric energy production for the board electronics of the Arkonabahn.
The conversion of the source voltage of the fuel cell on the voltage level of the battery (12...14V) as well as the loading regime of the battery occur with a DC/DC converter of the company ISLE.
The operation of the fuel cell and the DC/DC converter takes place about a combined controlling device in the driver's cabin.
As a preventive measure to guarantee the operation of the fuel cell in the permissible temperature area a temperature supervision within the fuel cell case was installed.

Technical data

Rated power  :  1200 W 
Output voltage   :  26 V 
Start-up time (Cold Start)   :  2 min 
Acoustic emissions (1m)     :  72 dBA 
Produced reaction water  :  870 ml/h  
Hydrogen   :  99.99% H2 
Operating conditions     
Ambient temperature   :  3°C bis 40°C 
Relative atmospheric humidity  :  0% - 95% 
Geometrical dimensions   :  56 x 25 x 33 cm  
Mass   :  13 kg 

The company argus electronic gmbh is member in registered association of Hydrogen technology-initiative Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Producing Area:Germany

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