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OPV is a OI Management- and Scrubs-/SET-tracking system for scrubs with economical evaluation in laundries.

The overall system consists of the main components:

dirty clothes sorting
Scrubs- and SET-tracking system (a central component is the data base)
SET Package System

Scrubs tracking system

Every scrubs has the following characteristics:


Size & Price

Various sizes are defined in articles. Several articles are assigned to different assortments. It will define different price categories for individual sizes.

House - department - person

In the house, departments and persons definition sets out the information for billing purposes.


SET-tracking system

A SET is one, together with the addition of individual pieces (sizes). It is also possible to include some parts without registration.  


The first step is to print out the set numbers on a label sheet.

In the second step, you simply put a printed set numbers for the prepackaging.

In the end, it assigns a customer of this SET (house, department, person) and delivers it with a content expression to this. The term is also possible on a Thermopatch HiQ printer.

When recheck the parts of the SETs are relieved the customer.


It sets prices for the SET's, and various price categories.


In accounting, the individual SET's during the calculation period will be listed and printed on demand.


By a residual value calculation, it is possible to charge the customer's missing parts from the SET's delivered after a period of time.



Extensive support for the work you get through many statistical analysis:

SET output (from the current day, from a period)
Part failure in the SET (SET for spare parts in the non-existent)
SET (at the destination at the customer's current list of SET's)
Parts inventory (inventory in the laundry, at the customer)
Ordering parts (parts by crossing the number of wash cycles need to be swapped)
Flexible in adaptation

Clothes taged by

RFID (Radio Frequency ID)

Kind of company

Dry cleaning

Different kinds of extension

manual input- and output register (print delivery notes and invoice)
automatic input register, manual output register
Locate the clothes in different places of the company

Producing Area:Germany

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