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XIDent is a managment and tracking system for clothes with economical evaluation in laundries.

The overall system consists of the main components:

dirty clothes sorting
clothes management system (a central component is the data base)
clean side sorting


Laundry management system

In the data base will the following information of clothes are saved:

Articel & Price

Articles are specified onced and assigned to different price groups:



In the house data the definition for house accounting takes place:


The person is identified by name, floor, room and price list of the person accounting.

Person accounting

House accounting

Clearly arranged statements to:

which clothes of the house were delivered, were washed and shipped back?
which costs are charged 


Dirty clothes sorting

XIDent supports the sorting of the clothes by hand or automatic in the input area of the laundry.


Kind, quantity of the clothes will be registered
Assortment according to different criteria:
RFID (Transponder)


Clean side sorting

XIDent supports the sorting of the clothes by hand or automatic in the output area of the laundry.


clothes of a customer are brought together
checkup in the output area
generate delivery notes
Working without many and confusing sheets of paper 


Flexible in adaptation

Clothes taged by

RFID (Radio Frequency ID)

Kind of company

Dry cleaning

Different kinds of extension

manual input- and output register (print delivery notes and invoice)
automatic input register, manual or automatic output register
Locate the clothes in different places of the company

Producing Area:Germany

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