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Control of DC pumps of medium Power
Dosage of liquids or bacteria concentrates on vehicles or stationary.
Preservation of fodder
Preservation of grain
Batch dosing (auto power off after Accomplishments flow)

Specifications to use

DOSISTAR VD is a specifically on the needs in agriculture tailored dosing with a very wide range of applications. It serves to control the flow of DC pumps. Although it has been optimized for use in vehicles, stationary applications is a quite reasonable and practicable. Furthermore, it has a variety of control inputs and is characterized by the extensive software equipment used universally.

Product Features

The single-layered menu structure ensures easy adjustment of the desired parameters. Orientation problems in hidden submenus are a thing of the past.
Double-spaced display, clearly visible, illuminated background, multifunctional
Intuitive knob operation makes the setting even in the harsh working environment accurately and reliably.
Choose for yourself which unit is the right one for your application. The choices are ml/min, l/min or l/h.
The presence of an income indicator can also be the (t/h used) for the scheme as default. It can then take a dosage per ton (l/t) will be terminated.
Extensive security features such as dry, adjustable over-current protection for the pump, short circuit protection, over temperature protection ensure safe operation.
Flow is available to a wide range of different measuring turbines. From very small to very large. A simple calibration to accurately measure simplified. It can also be used as a speed signal of constant volume pumps.
Four independent memories for calibration with a name.
Menus in different languages. German and English are standard. Other languages are optional.
Emergency operation: control of the pump even with a defective flow meter.
Memory for total and daily quantities.
Pick-Up Sensor: Dosage makes a break at the appropriate external contact. (configurable switch function NC/NO)
Wheel sensor: Dosage stops at a standstill and starts if it goes again. (switchable)
Using two different methods of measurement of pulsating and uniformly supportive pumps suitable.
Rapid conversion from one vehicle to another by interlocking connectors and the powerful magnetic mount.
Easy installation by the customer or technician.
Switching module with potential free contact and optical dry run warning available separately, so it’s suitable for 230V pumps too.
NEW optional and is a serial port for setting the task set. Compatible with CROP-Meter, YARA-N sensor, GPS (Green Star) and many other devices with LH5000 support.
Customized solutions. Talk to us!

Technical Data

Input voltage :   12V - 24V DC
Max. output :  150W (12V),300W (24V)
Max. current load :  12A Continuity, 20A Peak
Power control :  0 - 100% 
Flow meter :  Open Collector 
Display :  2x16 characters, alphanumeric, illuminated
Calibration values :  four values, to determine by user
Calibration values memory  :  yes
Pole protection :  yes
Overload protection :  yes
PICK-UP-Switch :  Contact NO/NC or control voltage
Wheel Switch    optional
Geometrical dimensions  :  120 * 95 * 35 mm

Producing Area:Germany

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