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The G132 plant growth pot (supplied with the NF1LP Nitrogen Fixation Package) is ideal for the growth of soybeans and other legumes (beans, peas, lupins etc.). The pot is made of PVC and when properly assembled, provides a gas tight container for rhizosphere gas exchange. Each pot comes complete with lid, Qubitac, 2 feet of tubing, and stoppers with luers inserted.

The base of the pot contains an inlet port to which the tubing (connected to a rubber stopper via a luer) from a flow meter is attached. The drainage hole on the other side of the pot should remain open during growth, but should be plugged with a rubber stopper before conducting gas exchange experiments. The lid of the pot has a slot to accommodate the stem of the plant and a gas outlet port. The lid snaps down to seal around the perimeter of the pot, and the slit in the lid may be sealed with Qubitac sealant to render it gas-tight.

To Seal a Plant in the Pot:

Place a continuous bead of Qubitac around the inner edge of the lid, as shown in Figure A.
Place the lid on top of the pot and press firmly down.
Fill the slit in the lid and around the plant stem using Qubitac to complete the seal, as shown in Figure B.

Figure A. Plant Growth Pot Lid with Qubitac

Figure B. Plant Growth Pot Lid Sealed with Qubitac

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