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ALGAL CO2 PACKAGE (30 mL cuvette)


The FL23 Algal CO2 Analysis Package is used to measure CO2 exchange from algae in a cuvette designed by Qubit Systems. Gas enters the cuvette via the inlet port which is below the liquid level, causing a bubbling through the sample, and thus generates a mixing action. The gas outlet must be ketp above the liquid line to prevent liquid from escaping the cuvette. Air coming out of the cuvette is sent through a drying column en route to Qubit Systems's S151 CO2 analyzer to measure CO2 concentration in the effluent gas stream.

The FL23 Algal CO2 Analysis Package may be used in conjunction with the FL2LP Fluorescence package to simultaneously measure CO2 exchange and fluorescnece parameters in algae. The cuvette is filled with algae and placed on the base of Qubit's leaf clamp. The LED chlorophyll excitation light is placed below the photodiode that measures fluorescence and both are positioned close to the wall of the sample vial. Actinic illumination is provided from above by a 50 W halogen lamp that provides from 0 ?2000 umol quanta PAR m2/s at the surface of the vial. The same lamp also provides a saturating flash of >5000 umol quanta PAR m2/s for measurements of Fm and F/m.

Contents of the FL23 Package:

G100 AC Gas Pump
G122 Large Gas Bags
F250 Flow Meter
G214 Algal Chamber (30 mL)
S151 CO2 Analyzer (0 - 2000 ppm)

Producing Area:Canada

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