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Pocket PC and Pocket DeltaLINK Kit


  • Convenient data collection
  • View data graphically in the field
  • Full configuration of GP1 and DL6 Loggers

A Pocket PC (PDA) with Pocket DeltaLINK installed can be used at anytime with a GP1 or DL6 Logger, to download or collect and view data. It is also possible to reconfigure the logging set-up in the field.

The GP1 and DL6 Loggers interface seamlessly with a Pocket PC to provide a sophisticated logging and data transfer system.

Full PC software capability is available when used with any iPAQ hx2190, hx2000 and other PDAs with compatible RS232 serial port sockets. DeltaLINK is supplied as a kit that includes software, quick-guide and connection cable.

[DeltaLINK PC Software is supplied FREE with all GP1 and DL6 loggers. Pocket DeltaLINK is an optional upgrade for use with Windows Mobile PDAs]

Producing Area:UK

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