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WS-STD1 and WS-HP1 Weather Stations


Unattended weather recording at remote and exposed sites
Wide choice of sensors and accessories
Field proven in severe weather conditions all over the world
Delta-T weather stations are available as a complete package for measuring and recording weather and other meteorological conditions. Based on the DL2e Data Logger, their key feature is the freedom to select from a range of sensors and peripherals to create a package that suits your exact needs. Furthermore, if you need to expand or adapt the system, the additional hardware and software can be easily installed, by the user, in the field.
Automatic data collection from remote sites is possible using modems. The DL2e Data Logger comes with Ls2Win Software, which supports GSM modem communications.
Optional items include a wide choice of sensors, power supply and communications alternatives, and software to help analyse the data collected. These rugged and highly reliable systems can be custom built to your specifications.
Delta-T Automatic Weather Stations are well suited to evapotranspiration studies.

Weather Data Graphing Package - WSG1
Simplifies the graphing of weather data - saves time
Includes wind roses and wind run vector diagrams
Based on Excel spreadsheet software, the WSG1 Weather Data Graphing Package makes it easy to generate attractive presentations that show trends clearly. It produces weather data graphs from data files generated by the DL2e Logger. [WSG1 is not compatible with the GP1 Data Logger, which is supplied with its own data presentation software.]
The WSG1 Graphing Package is available to download free of charge (see link below).

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