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Thanks to more than 15 years of research, FORCE-A designs, develops and markets optical diagnosis tools for plants.
The Dualex® is a portable optical sensor that measures the polyphenols content of the leaf epidermis in a real-time and non-destructive way.

The Dualex® leaf clips are easy to use in order to determine plant health status and to measure specifically flavonols, anthocyanins and ydroxycinnamic acids.
Dualex® Flav for Flavonols
Dualex® Anth for Anthocyanins
Dualex® HCA for HydroxyCinnamic Acids
(chlorogenic, chicoric acids, etc.)

The patented technology used in the Dualex® Series is based on chlorophyll fluorescence and the screening effect due to polyphenols from the leaf epidermis.
It is insensitive to variable chlorophyll fluorescence and independent of leaf chlorophyll content. Measurements are non-destructive, very fast and simple. They do not need any calibration and can be performed under ambient light conditions. No preparation is required.



Dualex® 3 Series assess quickly and quantitatively polyphenols content in fruits and vegetables (leaves and skins) for the following themes:
Polyphenolic antioxydants
Harvest quality assessment
Nutraceutics and medicinal food
Colouring (anthocyanins, flavonols)
Nutrition deficiency
Light protection, low temperatures
Variety selection

This technology allows to get:
Polyphenols measurements
Quick measurements (<1s)
Non-destructive measurements
Real-time and in situ diagnosis


Measured material Plant leaves (option: berries or peels)
Measured parameters Optical absorbance in UV-A (375 nm for flavonols content)
Optical absorbance in visible (530 nm anthocyanins content)
Optical absorbance in UV-B (315 nm for hydroxycinnamic acids content)
Measurement process Main button pressure or clips closing (free choice)
Max. insertion depth 70 mm
Measured area 5 mm in diameter
Acquisition time < 500 ms
Storage capacity 40 000 multiparametric data
Data classification 2 levels
Polyphenols rates From 0.00 to 3.00 (Dualex® units, convertible to μg/cm² after calibration)
Absorbance accuracy (σ) < 0.01
Temperature range From 5 to 35°C (variation of absorbance < 2%)
Light sources 2 Light-Emitting-Diodes (LED):
FLAV: 1 UV-A and 1 Red
ANTH: 1 Green and 1 Red
HCA: 1 UV-B and 1 Red
Detector 1 Silicium Photodiode
User interface 2 X 16 LCD panel
Sound warning
Data downloading Serial port for data transfer (option: serial-USB converter)
Data organization compatible with Excel sheets
Power source Li-ion rechargeable batteries (proprietary)
Autonomy 10 hours
Charging time 2 hours
Total weight 950 g (with battery)
Leaf-clips size 185 mm X 43 mm X 33 mm
Case size 150 mm X 100 mm X 55 mm
Optional adapter Solid fluorescent film for non-chlorophyll-bearing samples

Producing Area:France

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