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       ICT 无线监测网络系统



ICT International also offers a data API that can be used to retrieve data and information from ICT Instruments using an ICT Telemetry Hub for data to the web, enabling development of utilities that integrate your data from the ICT Cloud.For example, the API can be used to produce a live graph of weather data on your website; show only rainfall, solar radiation and sap flow data; or download a complete historical data file for a logger.


ICT International’s standard data access (using DataView) is suitable for most research applications, it allows for visualisation of data and export of data in CSV format, compatible with Microsoft Excel.

The data API is recommended for large projects where data needs to be integrated with external visualisation systems or other utilities for maximum flexibility.

ICT 无线监测网络系统


ICT 无线监测网络系统

API access includes all the features of standard access, but allows you to integrate your data easily into your own systems, apps, webpages and decision making processes.


ICT 无线监测网络系统

Combined Instrument Software also allows for remote configuration of instrument logging parameters. You can change logger orinstrument settings without leaving the office.

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