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ICT Universal Telemetry Hub



Typical applications* for the Telemetry Hub include:

  • Store and forward repeater in a telemetry network. (eg: Environmental/agricultural monitoring)

  • Complete remote, standalone, experimental station for measuring, logging, controlling and sending data directly to the ‘Cloud’. (eg: Scientific/Environmental/Agricultural/Mine monitoring)

  • Plant Monitoring – Interfacing between sensors, climate control systems and remote management servers via the ‘Cloud’. (eg: Greenhouses, Weigh stations, Building EMS)

  • Automatic recording, communicating and playback of sound and images – (eg: Monitoring fauna and stock, Digital voice recording, Noise monitoring, Voice communication, Mine communication)

  • Managing / controlling remote equipment (eg: irrigation systems, solar and wind farms, security, etc).


Mini-Modules are either Communications, Control, Sensing, Media or User Interface type. They are quite small in size and are targeted at providing specific functions. Development of new application specific mini-modules is quick, low risk and cost effective. See table below with list of current modules.

Mini-module Selection Table:

3G GSM moduleCommunicationsData to the ‘Cloud’ and remote system management
Wi-Fi/Bluetooth moduleCommunicationsCommunication with local wireless networks (intra or internet) or with individual mobile devices such as laptop PCs or mobile phones
2.4GHz wireless moduleCommunicationsProprietary networked communications between all ICT International devices and loggers – range up to about 5km depending on terrain and antenna selection
LoRa/LoRaWANCommunicationsNetwork communications between ICT International devices and other LoRa devices.
Iridium Burst?CommunicationsData to the ‘Cloud’ in remote areas and remote system management, via Satellite
Additional RS485 and
RS232 Ports modules
Control, Sensing
Interface to weather sensors, PLCs, industrial controllers/computers, etc. (eg: via MODBUS)
SDI-12 moduleSensingInterface to a wide range of environmental sensors
Ethernet moduleCommunicationsInterface to wired computer networks and the ‘Cloud’
Analogue Input
module (24 bit)
SensingAuto-ranging Interface to standard voltage type analogue sensors down to uV level.
Analogue Output
module (16 bit)
ControlInterface to Programmable Logic Controllers and climate control systems
Audio moduleMedia and CommunicationsAnalogue to I2S digital audio recording, signal processing, playback and sub-audio signalling control
LCD Interface moduleUser InterfaceInterface to LCD touchscreen for display of data and user control of Hub applications

Example Hub Matrix



Enclosure:IP67 rated, extruded aluminium – hard anodised body. Moulded UV, moisture and impact resistant endcaps. All external fasteners 316 stainless steel.
Service Hatch:Sealed service hatch provides access to switches, SD and SIM cards and non-waterproof connections.
Solar Panel:10W or 20W depending on application. Charge rate automatically adjusts depending on available sunlight.
Data Storage:FAT32, CSV files saved on SDHC cards of up to 32GB capacity.
USB:USB 2.0 Full Speed (12Mbps).
Auxillary Serial Ports:1x RS485 port, 1x I2C/SPI port.
Battery:4.9Ah wide temperature range, lithium-ion.
Power Outputs:Dual switched, 4.2V battery voltage at up to 4 Amps OR up to 15V at up to 1 Amp.
External Connections:5 flexible external IP67 connectors (N-type for wireless or multi-way gold plated for signalling and power). Can be used for communications, sensing, control and/or power output.

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