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ICTO2 Soil Oxygen Sensor


Soil Oxygen Sensor Features

  • Can be used for long term observation with easy set-up.

  • Automatic temperature compensation as it has a built in thermocouple compensation circuit.

  • Not influenced by the rain or water. TEFLON water protection.

  • Easy span calibration. Users can calibrate at the usual atmosphere (20.9% Oxygen concentration).

  • Zero calibration is not needed. 0% Oxygen = 0 mV output.

  • TheoryGalvanic battery + porous membrane sheet
    ShapeDiameter 35 mm, length 65mm
    (cable connector length 50mm)
    Output45~65 mV at 20.9% O2
    (users must check the output of the air before set-up)
    Weight220 grams (includes 5m cable)
    Cable Length5 m (+ white, – black, shield cable)
    Temperature effectAt R.H. 100% and O2 20.9%. Sensor output is 20.8% at 5°C, 19.4% at 40°C. At R.H. 0% and O2 20.9%. Sensor output is not Influenced by temperature.
    Temperature0~40°C when in use

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