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MP306 Moisture Sensor


MP306 Soil Moisture Sensor Features

  • Volumetric Soil Water Content (%) or can simultaneously measure soil water potential

  • Highly accurate and precise

  • Robust, stainless steel needles and epoxy body

  • Measures in saline, toxic and high temperature soils

  • Rapid measurement

  • Can be buried for up to 20 years

MP306 Soil Moisture Probe


Measurement Range0-100 VSW%
Accuracy1% VSW% after calibration to a specific soil type
± 5 VSW% using the supplied soil calibration
Resolution0.01% VSW%
Response TimeLess than 0.5 seconds
Stabilisation Time3 seconds approximately from power-up


Input Requirements9-18 V DC unregulated
Power Consumption14 mA typical, 16mA max
Output signal0-1160mV for 0-100 VSW%


Total Length199 mm
Needle Length60 mm
Needle Seperation8 mm
NeedlesStainless Steel (Grade 316) – does not corrode in saline solutions
ExteriorABS Plastic
Cable4.5m Standard


EnvironmentDesigned for permanent or temporary burial

MP406 and MP306 Wiring R1-1

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