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SFM1 Sap Flow Meter



Output OptionsRaw Temperatures: °C
Heat Pulse Velocity: cm hr-1
Sap Velocity: cm hr-1
Sap Flow: cm3 hr-1 (Litres hr-1)
Range-100 to +100 cm hr-1
Resolution0.01 cm hr-1
Accuracy0.5 cm hr-1
Measurement Duration120 seconds
Heat PulseUser Adjustable: 20 Joules (default) approx. Equivalent to a 2.5 second heat pulse duration, auto scaling.
Logging IntervalUser Adjustable: Minimum interval, 3 minutes, recommended minimum 10 minutes.


Computer InterfaceUSB, Wireless RF 2.4 GHz
Data StorageMicroSD Card
Memory CapacityUp to 16GB, 4GB MicroSD card included.


Needle Diameter1.3 mm
Needle Length35 mm
Measurement Positions2 per measurement needle
Measurement Spacings7.5 mm and 22.5 mm from the needle tip
Dimensions L x W X D170 x 80 x 35 mm
Weight400 g


Internal Battery Specifications

960mAh Lithium Polymer, 4.20 Volts fully charged
External Power Requirements
Bus Power8-30 Volts DC, non-polarised, current draw is 190mA maximum at 17 volts per logger
USB Power5 Volts DC
Internal Charge Rate
Bus Power60mA – 200mA Variable internal charge rate, maximum charge rate of 200mA active when the external voltage rises above 16 Volts DC
USB Power100mA fixed charge rate
Internal Power Management
Fully Charged Battery4.20 Volts
Low Power Mode3.60 Volts – Instrument ceases to take measurements
Discharged Battery2.90 Volts – Instrument automatically switches off at and below this voltage when no external power connected.
Battery Life varies

  • With a recommended power source connected, operation can be continuous.

  • Approximately 1.5 days with a heat pulse of 50 Joules and a measurement interval of 30 minutes – no external power present to recharge battery.

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