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PV Monitoring Package


Introducing the new PV monitoring package designed to work with an SMA cluster controller. The package includes a silicon-cell pyranometer with a mounting bracket, Class A PRT back-of-panel temperature sensor with Kapton tape, fan-aspirated solar radiation shield with 24 V-12 V DC converter, and Class A PRT air temperature sensor with TS-100 port adapter.


SP-214 - PV-100 Package  
Solar Radiation Sensor (SP-214)
High accuracy, silicon-cell pyranometer
4-20 mA output signal
Measures Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI) or Plane of Array (PoA) Irradiance

More information on the SP-214 available here.
Includes AL-120 Solar Mounting Bracket with Leveling Plate
Fan-Aspirated Solar Radiation Shield (TS-100)
Prevents solar radiation induced errors
Long life, IP55 rated fan
Meets IEC 61724-1 requirements

More information on the TS-100 available here.
Includes 24 V-12 V DC Converter
CS240 - PV-100 Package
Back-of-Panel Temperature Sensor (CS240)
PT1000 Class A PRT
Self-adhesive aluminum disk promotes heat transfer from panel surface

More information on the CS240 available here.
Includes Kapton tape to secure sensor
ST-150 - PV-100 Package
Air Temperature Sensor (ST-150)
1/8 inch diameter, Class A PRT
IP67 rated
Meets IEC 61724-1 requirements

More information on the ST-150 available here.
Includes port adapter for TS-100


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