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  • www.SpecConnect.net - Central point for viewing and evaluating real-time data instantaneously on the internet for better decisions to improve yield and quality, conserve resources, and increase profits

  • Cloud-based data analysis tool to deliver summarized data to end users - annual subscription required

  • Collects in-field data from FieldScout mobile devices via Bluetooth and the FieldScout mobile app for remote monitoring

  • View map-centric data on web/mobile devices

  • Utilize GPS/cellular information to geo-locate Pups & Stations using the mobile app

  • View current conditions and monitor weather factors that increase risk

  • Allows easy creation of reports and charts

  • Offers alert capabilities that notify users via text and/or email when user-defined critical sensor thresholds have been breached

  • Creates a level of customization to provide end-users the data they need upon login

  • Can support multiple users at the same time

  • Web Portal connection requires a WatchDog Retriever & Pup network or a 2000 Series Full or Mini Weather Station to collect and log data, and DataScout Modem to send data to the internet

  • Setup fee required per device with modem (Item 3000)

  • Item 3005 and 3010 (Pro and Basic subscriptions) includes one login to SpecConect, one connected device (WatchDog Sensor Pup, Station Pup, or Repeater), and cellular data plan.  For additional Pups, please purchase Item 3045 per device

  • Item 3070 (Alerts Function) is per device


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