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PM10 high volume air sampler


A PM10 high volume air sampler is a federal reference method (FRM) instrument designed to collect ambient particulate matter with an aerodynamic diameter of 10μm or less.  This sampler uses a size selective inlet to separate out the particulate matter that is larger than 10μm, ensuring that only concentrations of PM10 are deposited onto the filter.  These samplers typical operate with a flow rate between 36-60 ft3/min during a 24 hour sampling period.  Constructed of high quality components and a robust anodized aluminum shelter, these instrument are well suited for all ambient sampling installations.  Tisch Environmental’s PM10 high volume air samplers are designed according to the guidelines that are outlined in 40 CFR appendix J to part 50 and designated as a federal reference method sampler under designation number 0202-141.

The PM10 high volume air sampler collects particulates at a flow rate between 36-60 ft3/min through a PM10 size selective inlet.  As the particulates travel through the  size selective inlet, the larger particulates are trapped inside of the inlet as the smaller  PM10 particulates continue to travel through the PM10 inlet and are collected on the 8″ x 10″ quartz filter paper.  This quartz filter is weighed previously to sampling and then after  sampling to determine the mass of particulates that are smaller than 10 microns.  The flow rate on this instrument is controlled by either a mass flow controller, a volumetric flow controller or the Tisch Environmental PLUS technology electronic flow controller.  Tisch Environmental offers a wide range of PM10 samplers with several different option to fit every custom sampling installation.

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