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SL-510: Pyrgeometer Upward-looking


Product Description

The SL-510 is an upward-looking thermopile pyrgeometer. The sensor incorporates a filter, blackbody thermopile detector, and thermistor with a rugged, self-cleaning sensor housing design. Typical applications include longwave radiation measurement in agricultural, ecological, and hydrological weather networks and renewable energy applications.




0.12 mV per W m-2 (variable from sensor to sensor, typical value listed)

Calibration Factor (Reciprocal of Sensitivity)

8.5 W m-2 per mV (variable from sensor to sensor, typical value listed)

Calibration Uncertainty

± 5 %

Measurement Range

-200 to 200 W m-2 (net longwave irradiance)

Measurement Repeatability

Less than 1 %

Long-term Drift

Less than 2 % change in sensitivity per year


Less than 1 %

Detector Response Time

Less than 0.5 seconds

Field of View


Spectral Range

5 to 30 μm

Temperature Response

Less than 5 % from -15 to 45 C

Window Heating Offset

Less than 10 W m-2

Zero Offset B

Less than 5 W m-2

Tilt Error

Less than 0.5 %

Uncertainty in Daily Total

± 5 %

Temperature Sensor

30 kΩ thermistor, ± 1 C tolerance at 25 C

Output from Thermistor

0 to 2500 mV (typical, other voltages can be used)

Input Voltage Requirement for Thermistor

2500 mV excitation (typical, other voltages can be used)

Heater 780 Ω, 15.4 mA current draw and 185 mW power requirement at 12 V DC

Dimensions 37.5 mm height, 23.5 mm diameter

Mass 90 g


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