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SS-110: Field Spectroradiometer-340 to 820 nm


Product Description

The SS-110 measures a wavelength range of 340 to 820 nm. The spectroradiometer is an easy-to-use, cost-effective, versatile spectral measurement system that can be interfaced to a computer or datalogger. Typical applications include measurement of spectral output (energy flux density, photon flux density, or illuminance) of different radiation sources (often for plant or human lighting), and reflectance and transmittance measurements of natural and synthetic surfaces and materials (often plant leaves and canopies).

The SS-110 package includes:

  1. Spectroradiometer unit and cosine corrected detector mounted in the housing

  2. 180° FOV head and black cap

  3. AL-200 bubble-level

  4. USB cable for computer interface

  5. Pigtail lead cable for datalogger interface

  6. 2GB USB drive with Spectrovision software and required drivers


Wavelength Range

340 to 820 nm

Wavelength Measurement Interval

1 nm

Wavelength Resolution

3.0 nm (full width half maximum)

Wavelength Accuracy

± 0.5 nm

Wavelength Repeatability

± 0.2 nm

Analog to Digital Resolution

14 bit

Signal to Noise Ratio

1500:1 (at maximum signal)

Stray Light

≤ 0.25 % at 590 nm

Dark Noise

≤ 3 counts

Integration Time Range

10 ms to 10 s


Less than 1 % or 0.5 %

Measurement Sensitivity

Greater than 10 % of max sensitivity for wavelengths greater than 380 nm

Measurement Repeatability

Less than 1.0 % (wavelengths greater than 400 nm)

Directional (Cosine) Response

± 5 % at 75° zenith angle

Fields of View

180° (upward-facing); 25° or 150° (downward-facing)

Operating Environment

-20 to 70 C, 0 to 100 % relative humidity

Temperature Response

-0.1 ± 0.1 % per C

Irradiance Calibration Uncertainty

± 5 %

Current Draw

90 mA during measurement, 12 mA when idle (datalogger); 190mA during measurement and when idle (USB)

Communication Protocol: Modbus RTU over RS-232 (pigtail and USB)

Interface Cable: 5 m santoprene jacket with pigtails (for datalogger), 5 m PVC jacket with USB (for computer)

Software: Apogee Spectrovision (windows compatible, XP and later; Mac compatible, 10.9 and later

Dimensions: 89.3 mm height, 50.8 mm width, 38.1 mm depth

Mass : 300 g

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