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SO-110: Soil Response Thermistor Reference Oxygen Sensor


Product Description

Apogee oxygen sensors are designed to measure 0 – 100% oxygen and come with tinned leads to connect to a datalogger. The SO-110 is designed for use in soil applications with a larger signal, slower response and longer life. It comes with a thermistor temperature sensor to correct for temperature changes. In applications with high humidity, condensation can occur on the Teflon membrane, blocking the diffusion path of the sensor. To prevent this, a resistive heater is included to raise the temperature of the membrane approximately two degrees above ambient temperature. Optional  diffusion or flow-through heads are sold separately if needed for your application. The sensor is calibrated to ambient air making it very easy to calibrate. The epoxy-filled housing was recently upgraded from aluminum to polypropylene to better withstand harsh and corrosive conditions.


Measurement Range:

0 to 100 % O2


2.6 and 0.6 mV per % O2 for SO-100 and SO-200 series, respectively (approximations)

Output at 0 % O<sub>2</sub>:

6 % and 3 % of output at 20.95 % O2 for SO-100 and SO-200 series, respectively

Measurement Repeatability:

< 0.1 % of mV output at 20.95 % O2


< 1 %

Non-stability (Signal Decrease):

1 and 0.8 mV per year for SO-100 and SO-200 series, respectively

Oxygen Consumption Rate:

2.2 μmol O2 per day at 20.95 % O2 and 23 C

Response Time:

60 and 14 s for SO-100 and SO-200 series, respectively

Operating Environment:

-20 to 60 C, 0 to 100 % relative humidity (non-condensing), 60 to 140 kPa

Input Voltage Requirement:

12 V DC continuous (for heater); 2.5 V DC excitation (for thermistor)

Heater Current Drain:

6.2 mA

Thermistor Current Drain:

0.1 mA DC at 70 C (maximum, assuming input excitation of 2.5 V DC)


3.2 cm diameter, 6.8 cm length


175 g (with 5 m of lead wire)


5 m of six conductor, shielded, twisted-pair wire

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