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TP-OnlineAnalyser automatic analysis of total phosphore in water


Precise device for the measurement of Total Phosphorus.

Optimized for the 24/7 operation.

Features & Informations


automatic analysis 24h

automatic cleaning cycle (time freely set)

auto calibrate and remote calibration

very low detection limits

very high precision

modular design

easy maintenance

range adjustable

quality control sample verification

remote monitoring of working state, data reliablity and dioagnostic function

touch screen operation

fault alarm, error alarm, call-self-starting function

4-20mA, RS232/485 and MODBUS/TCP

equipped with UV assisted digestion function


Surface Water Analysis

Tab Water Monitoring

Municipal Sewage Checks

Accessment of Industrial Water Monitoring


The database software is used to record and analyse the data. The most important features are...

saving of data and parameters at any time

graphic display of all measurement values

online display in LAN

calibration of the instrument

parameterisation of the measurement

data export to EXCEL and to text files

Measurement principleKolorimeter
Range0 - 0.5/1/6/100mg/L, more range chooseable
Accuracy< ±3% or 0.003mg/L, whichever is higher
Repeatability< 1%
Detection limit0.001mg/L (Minimum range)
Cycle time30 minutes
Zero drift< 1% FS/24h
Range drift< 1% FS/24h
Resolution0.0001mg/L (Minimum range)
Signal output4-20mA RS232/485 MODBUS/TCP
Working environmentTemperature: 0~45°C; Humidity: 10~95%
Power Supply220±10%V 50±2%HZ
Weight and sizeWeight: ~45Kg; Size HxLxW: 110x60x31cm
Protection levelIP54; IP65
Sample conditionNo oil, no supended solid, temperature: 2~40°C, Pressure: 0~0.1Bar, Flow: 1.5~3L/min

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