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Detection of Water Contamination


Exploding numbers of synthesised compounds have led to new challenges in environment assessment during the last few decades. In addition to soil and air monitoring, the analysis of water quality has become a fundamental task. Although chemical and physical procedures for toxicity detection have improved, the use of biological systems is inevitable. Here, model organisms act as reliable indicators for harmful agents, e.g. toxins. 

Toxicity tests are mainly based on the survival of organisms in the presence of test material. Static tests permanently expose the organisms to a series of dilutions over 24 or 48 hours. Dynamic tests, on the other hand, shorten the test procedure and allow continuous monitoring. The registration of complex behaviour further reduces the response time for alarm evaluation. Automatic unmanned surveillance is achieved by use of the unique bbe alarm software.

Detection of toxins...

insecticides - DaphTox II, Algae Toximeter II

neurotoxins - DaphTox II, ToxProtect64

algicides, herbicides - Algae Toximeter II

hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, PCBs - Algae Toximeter II

respiratory inhibitors - DaphTox II, Fish Toximeter, ToxProtect64

heavy metals - DaphTox II

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