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OxyCorder 401


The OxyCorder is primarily used to measure dissolved oxygen in photosynthesis research. Therefore the impedance of three independent input channels is preset for different electrode sizes: 4 MΩ (Channel 1), 1.3 MΩ (Channel 2), and 33 kW (Channel 3 - for large electrodes, as bare platinum-silver). The fourth input channel enables voltage reading. The QxyCorder is supplied with OxyWin software that controls polarization voltage of the electrodes (0 to 1000 mV, two 10 bit A/D converters) and also enables displaying and analyzing the measured data.

Any of the three input channels can be alternatively configured for voltage reading; 30 measurements per second is the maximum. The instrument can also replace chart recorders. Three TTL outputs (minimum timing step is 1 ms) allow controlling external devices; e.g., shutters or flash-lamps. Data reading can be synchronized with controlling signals. For example, the oxygen bursts occurring in the organisms of oxygenic photosynthesis after an exposure to actinic flashes can be measured with a preset delay between the flash and the measurement.

Lab use of the oxycorder

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