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Gas Mixing System GMS 150


Gas Mixing System GMS 150 can produce precise mixtures of up to 4 different gasses. The flows of the individual input gases are measured by thermal mass flow meters and adjusted by integrated mass flow controllers. Before the exit connector, the gas mixture is thoroughly homogenized. The input and output gas connectors are of Prestolok type allowing fast and secure connection to a variety of tubes.

The GMS 150 mass flow meters and controllers can operate gas flows ranging from mln/min to tens of ln/min. Typically, the controllers of GMS 150 operate in the lowest range 0-8 mln/min and in the highest range 0-2500 mln/min. GMS 150 is typically used to control flow of air, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. Additional gases like nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane, ammonia and others can also be added to simulate various technological mixtures or smokestack gasses.

One of the GMS 150 Control Screens
One of the GMS 150 Control Screens

The GMS 150 can be used as a stand-alone instrument or as a constituent part of the PSI Photobioreactor FMT 150 andFytoScopes. It can be controlled locally from its front panel. The user can define the required gas mixture either by setting the flows of the individual gasses (e.g., 980 mln/min of N2 and 20 mln/min of CO2) or by setting the required relative composition of the gas mixture (2% CO2) and the mixture gas flow (1000 mln/min).

  • Measuring Principle: 
    Thermal mass flow measurement

  • Accuracy (Incl. Linearity): 
    ±0,5% Rd plus ±0,1% FS (±1% FS for ranges 3...5 mln/min; ±2% FS for ranges < 3 mln/min)

  • Minimum Possible Flow for Each Channel: 
    1/50 of maximum total flow

  • Turndown:

  • Control Stability: 
    < ±0,1% FS (typical for 1 ln/min N2)

  • Settling Time:
    1...2 seconds

  • Warm-Up Time:
    30 min for optimum accuracy, 2 min for accuracy ± 2% FS

  • Temperature Sensitivity: 
    zero: < 0,05% FS/°C; span: < 0,05% FS/°C

  • Pressure Sensitivity:
    0,1%/bar typical N2

  • Attitude Sensitivity: 
    max. error at 90° off horizontal 0,2% at 1 bar, typical N2

  • Input Pressure:
    3 bar

  • Operating Temperature: 
    15...50 °C

  • Input / Output Connectors: 
    Parker Prestolok (6 mm)

  • Seals: 

  • Operating Temperature: 
    15...50 °C

  • Display: 
    8 x 21 characters LC display

  • Dimension: 
    37 cm x 28 cm x 15 cm

  • Weight:
    7 kg

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