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Spectrometer SM 9000


The new Spectrometer SM 9000 was developed for high-resolution, fiber optic spectroscopy applications in the UV/VIS to NIR range. It can be used as a stand-alone instrument or as a substantial enhancement of other PSI instruments to analyze spectral composition of irradiance. Ultra-high sensitivity of the instrument allows measuring fluorescence emission spectra of individual cells when combined with μ-FluorCam. The spectra can be measured in the range from UV (200 nm) to NIR (980 nm) with FWHM bandwidth of 3.5 nm. Fast recording can capture as many as 100 spectra per second with data resolution of 16 bits.

  • Ultra-high sensitivity.

  • Suitable for microspectrophotometry.

  • FWHM bandwidth of 3.5 nm.

  • Small-footprint, modular, robust, and thermally stable.

  • Very low heat generation.

  • 10 μs - 10 ms duration of flashes.

  • Variable exposure time, from 1 millisecond to minutes.

  • Kinetic spectra (max. 100 per second).

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