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Thermoluminescence System TL 200/PMT


PSI Thermoluminescence Systems are designed to investigate structure of energetic levels in the Photosystem II. Light-induced charge separation in the Photosystem II reaction centers results in accumulation of radical pairs that store the absorbed light energy. Heating induces recombination of these radical pairs and it triggers light emission and formation of characteristic thermoluminescence glow curves. The shape and the peak position of the different thermoluminescence bands provide valuable information about the energetic stability of the respective radical pairs as well as about the functioning of the Photosystem II reaction centers.

  • Different versions for measuring in broad temperature range from -90 to +190 °C

  • Variable high-intensity light source (typically 625 nm) used as a single turnover light for S state transition analysis

  • Variable long-duration actinic light source (typically 625 nm) for illumination at predefined temperatures

  • Sensitive photomultiplier for thermoluminescence glow peak detection

  • Protocol controlled electronic shutter preventing the photomultiplier from damage

  • Precisely linear heating process controlled by thermo-electric cooler regulation in the whole heating range

  • Ambient light protection enabling measurements in standard laboratory conditions

  • Additional air input for forced atmosphere inside the measuring chamber (in TL 300/HT only)

  • Liquid nitrogen tank with solenoid valve included in the TL 400/LT version

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